1.1 Million People Need Re-Usable Grocery Totes!

This month marks the official ban on plastic bags in many parts of Los Angeles County. County supervisors along with local environmental organizations successfully voted out plastic bags for more earth-friendly bags like non-woven grocery totes. On June 28, 2011 the Los Angeles Times reported that 67 large super markets will stop providing plastic bags this month, with nearly 1,000 smaller stores to follow.


Not everyone was in consensus about the ban. A few county supervisors expressed concern that some folks wouldn’t have access to purchasing new grocery totes. As we know, necessity is the mother of invention, so now is the perfect time to participate in our huge grocery tote sale and include your company’s logo.



Large Grocery Totes
Large Grocery Totes

Your customers and clients will be relieved to collect your totes and use them at the market. Not only will your clients have a fond association of you, but think of the endless free publicity your logo and brand will get while they carry them in and out of the market.




Check out our fabulous tote selections here: http://www.logoexpressions.com/grocerybags.php

NEW Javalina Pens!

A pen is a devised used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing and/or drawing. Pens are key to anyone’s life because it is what we use to write. Therefore, there is no avoiding a pen and in the professional world many companies have their own pens with their company logo on them. A pen is the ultimate way to advertise your company and what your company does. They are relatively inexpensive and can be given out to customers and clients.

The New Javalina pen has a uniquely shaped body fits comfortably in your hand. With many new colors, the javalina has five new exciting translucent barrel colors and is guaranteed with an ultra-smooth writing cartridge. Choose from the Jewel, Classic, Corporate, Executive, Tropical or Splash. The great new colors help grab the customers attention to who’s name/logo is on the pen. Orders yours today for as low as $.40 while supplies last.


The Tangle Toy

Tangle is a well-known fidget toy that is very therapeutic and calming. It is a continuous movement that you just won’t want to put down – I have experienced this first hand. This toy may just seem directed towards children, but it is actually appealing to all ages, and many adults enjoy this as a stress reliever. Some have even said that it is like a “hands-on art experience.”

The Tangle toy has not only gotten its way into offices and family homes, but has also made its way into school programs. It is known to help kids with ADHD calm down and focus on their work, to help kids enhance their learning experience, and to help as a therapy device for kids. In schools, it is known as the “brain-tool” and has made a huge impact.

Now that you know what a tangle is and what it is used for, you can see why it would be a great promotional product. It is a unique and fun way to expose your company, and can be used as an office stress reliever, a toy at home, or in school programs. It can also be used on a keychain, giving great advertisement. This isn’t just another, ordinary promotional item, this is a toy that can be fun while making a difference and would be a great product to associate your company logo with!

Get Hip with the Hype – QR Codes Are Where It’s At!

“Beep! Beep!” With an improvisational swipe and swoosh of a pen light, my sister and I would transform our bedroom into a grocery store. The novelty of being able to scan a bar code and have it transfer information seemed so cool. We’d play store and library endlessly for hours – we’d even cut out little pieces of paper, scratch parallel lines and scribble bunches of numbers with zeros to create bar codes and then tape them on anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Looks like I’m a kid again because now smart phones just got smarter and more fun! Who needs a phony pen light when you’ve got a bonafide scanner in your own smartphone camera?!

We all thought that Facebook was innovative with its ability to connect people all over the world. Now QR Codes can connect, inform, entertain, track, update, … just about everything but slice and dice a salad!

So what is a QR Code you puzzle?
Simple: QR Codes are barcodes that your phone “reads” and the links to websites or other media.



Now that I know what it is, how do I use a QR Code you ask…

Also simple: Open the QR Code App and use your phone’s camera to “read” the code and you’ll immediately be linked to a website, virtual tour, coupon, up to the minute interest rates, anything!

Fabulous eh?! Now here’s the most awesome kicker – remember how I told you how my sister and I would make our own bar codes with little scraps of paper and pen… well, you can make your own QR Codes  – no, not with pen and paper – that’s so last millennium… you can create your very own unique QR Code so easily. There’s a ton of websites with FREE services, but I recommend beqrious.com/qrode/create and http:delivr.com/qr-code-generator. These two sites let you create and save your codes as a PDF, GIF, and EPS format.

Now that you’ve created a custom QR Code, what do I do with a custom QR Code you ask? Well, just like my sister and I did – you put it everywhere! Get it imprinted on a key tag, magnet, sticky note, business cards… the options to publicize your brand with promotional products is endless!