Father’s Day is Fast Approaching!

Father’s day is just around the corner and what better way to make all those fathers out there feel appreciated than with a brand new tool set! Any “Do-it-yourself” dad would love this handy gift! Especially since that time between the holidays is enough to put a serious beating on dad’s set. Tools are one of the most popular gifts for Father’s Day, not another tie that he’ll wear once, or another bottle of after shave, but a tool. They are also a great way to get exposure for any type of company, especially since tools are used over and over again. Tools can even be used and shown off daily for the dads that are constantly working with their hands at home, at work, etc. If your company is thinking of a way to show dad’s that they are appreciated for all of their hard work, promotional tool sets are one of the best gifts to give!

Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit

With this Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit, you will be able to watch your company grow! Eco-friendly products are a great way to show that your company cares about the environment and that you want to make a difference. This is a great thank you item for first time customers, for tradeshows, or just to have around the office! They are small enough to have on a desk, but large enough to make a great impression. It includes the flower pot, a seed packet, and a peat pallet and has easy to follow instructions. There are many different options for flowers, allowing you to pick the perfect flower to represent your company! Start watering your company today, and help it grow with this fun and interactive promotional item.

Vibe Folding Tablet Stand

Do you use a Tablet or iPad for your business meetings to present videos? Well here is an awesome new stand that supports almost every Tablet and iPad. It is adjustable and easy to use! This folding, non-slip tablet stand allows you to easily position, view and use your tablet for personal use, at work, or for important business presentations. It is stylish, has a slim profile, and includes a felt carrying pouch that stores and protects the tablet stand when not in use! This promotional product is very practical and can be used on a daily bases, giving excellent exposure of the company’s name and creating a very professional image during presentations. This stand is great for any type of company!

Silipint & Silishot – Unbreakable!

Silipint and Silishot are the first and only silicone drinkware and are essentially unbreakable, which is great while drinking! It always seems like there is at least one broken glass at every party, but not with these cups and shot glasses! These cups are also heat-resistant and insulated and keeps cold liquids cold, and hot liquids hot. This hot, brand new item is a great way to promote any type of company! It is unbreakable and will last a very long time, which is a perfect gift for new and repeating customers. These cups are made to encourage “silliness” and having a great time, which will associate your company with having fun!

lil’ suckers™ handy hooks™

These hanger hook suction cups are a great way to show off a company’s logo in a creative way. There are eleven different shapes to choose from that are definite attention-grabbers! Not only are these a creative promotional product, but they are also very useful. This product is extra strong and can hold up to two pounds while sticking onto almost any surface! They are perfect for the kitchen for hanging tools, towels, and utensils or great for just around the house for items like your keys! These hanger hook suction cups would also be great as a tradeshow item or as a thank you to a new customer, leaving them remembering who you are by associating your company with one these.

Promotional Calendars for 2012

calendar_collageIt’s that time of the year again! Time for a new calendar for a new year. Calendars are a great advertising tool that is cost effective and that has fantastic exposure for a company. A calendar might seem simple, but it is in fact one of the best advertising techniques. Calendars stay with a customer for an entire year and exposes a company’s name and logo each time that customer writes an appointment or memo. They are practical for any customer and is seen more as a gift than a sales promotion.

Calenders come in many different styles and a company can customize their calendar to reflect their business or even promote an important cause. The great thing about promotional calendars is that once the year is up, the customer will need a replacement and will most likely ask for one for the following year. The amount of face time a calendar provides for a company is incredible and it only costs a penny a day per calendar impression, which is a great deal for what our economy is today. A promotional calendar definitely increases company awareness, rewards good customers, and stretches advertising dollars.

The Tangle Toy

Tangle is a well-known fidget toy that is very therapeutic and calming. It is a continuous movement that you just won’t want to put down – I have experienced this first hand. This toy may just seem directed towards children, but it is actually appealing to all ages, and many adults enjoy this as a stress reliever. Some have even said that it is like a “hands-on art experience.”

The Tangle toy has not only gotten its way into offices and family homes, but has also made its way into school programs. It is known to help kids with ADHD calm down and focus on their work, to help kids enhance their learning experience, and to help as a therapy device for kids. In schools, it is known as the “brain-tool” and has made a huge impact.

Now that you know what a tangle is and what it is used for, you can see why it would be a great promotional product. It is a unique and fun way to expose your company, and can be used as an office stress reliever, a toy at home, or in school programs. It can also be used on a keychain, giving great advertisement. This isn’t just another, ordinary promotional item, this is a toy that can be fun while making a difference and would be a great product to associate your company logo with!

Promotional Summer Camp Ideas

With summer approaching, so are summer camps! No matter what type of summer camp it is, handing out fantastic promotional products is a very smart move. One of the most popular summer camp items is the drawstring backpack, it not only holds all of the campers belongings throughout their trip, but is brought back home, used again, and is a way to promote the summer camp that they had so much fun at. Another popular item at summer camps are re-usable water bottles. Kids need and will be drinking water during their stay at the camp, but will also re-use them outside of camp and during school, letting all of the other kids know what a fun camp experience they had! Other great promotional items for summer camps are sunscreen, lip balm, and caps to help with the sun, which the parents will absolutely love that their kid was very well taken care of and will most likely refer and sign up their kids for next year! Some more suggestions would be lunch bags, apparel, blankets, flashlights, and camp journals. Promotional summer camp items are a great way to make their summer camp experience a memorable one!

Turn a Planner Into a Promotional Product

TipinPagesLMonthly planners are the most widely used gift item across every industry. Planners are a practical product that helps clients stay organized on a daily basis. Imprinted monthly planners not only benefit the customers; they also make  great promotional items featuring your company name and logo on the cover for everyone to see every day. Promotional Pages can be added to each planner. A promotional page is  a custom printed page that is inserted at the front or the back of the planner. Promotional Pages are great for enhancing your idea, message, or information with corporate logos, dedications, coupons, location information, charts, and photographs that help represent your company.

Customizing and personalizing standard promotional planners will vividly express an advertisement within your calendars. These unique planners stand out among the others and take your promotional product marketing campaign to a whole new advertising level. Adding promotional pages to planners turns a regular book into a unique promotional tool that will provide valuable exposure for your company.

Butter Mints

Hospitality_Mints_Individually_Wrapped_Soft_Candies_498b3d39d242eSweeten up your next promotion with some of these delicious butter mints! Butter mints pair cool, creamy mint flavor with buttery richness for a scrumptious and addictive taste. This promotional food item has a shelf life of 6 months in storage area; they will go fast, so stock up! Logoed butter mints are good for hotels, restaurants, parties, weddings, and can add a kid-friendly feel to a community event or fundraiser. They are great for table decorations at your next corporate dinner or awards banquet, or put some in a promotional gift bag to give your customers something tasty to remember you by. Butter mints are a successful and delicious way to get your company and logo out there!

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