Why are reusable bags better

Why are reusable grocery bags better than the paper or plastic grocery bags?

reusable bag
PolyPro Mammoth Shopper Tote 2150-05 by Leeds

We have all heard for years now that plastic bags are not bio-degradable and stay in landfills for decades.  Or that using paper bags at the rate that we make purchases ends up devastating rain-forests, etc.   Although a lot more people are starting to use reusable grocery bags there are still a lot of us who do as we always did, and rely on the store to provide disposable bags for our purchases.  However, now many stores are either giving customers money back for each reusable bag they use during each visit, or they are charging customers extra for using the store’s disposable bags.  This is providing a more immediate incentive for customers to start changing their long time habits.  Everyday people, not just “tree huggers”,  are now more likely to have reusable bags in the trunk of their cars.  It is now mainstream and more comfortable for people to be seen bringing their own bags.  This has opened a huge market for companies to advertise on these bags that people collect and are seen in public over and over again.  They also make for great promotional gifts!  The environment is benefiting from this trend more than ever, and people can feel good about doing their small part.  Go karma!

One Step Closer

bottlesIn today’s society going green and global warning are some of the biggest issues we face. The use of plastic and paper cups, bags, plates, etc. contribute to a combine total of 38% of the trash in landfills alone (Environmental Literacy Council). To decrease this number, the citizens of countries around the world have began to use environmentally friendly reusable and recycled cups and bottles instead of throw-away plastic or paper bottles or cups. Many corporate offices themselves use thousands of single-use plastic and paper cups each month. Now its time to act and jump aboard the green wagon by using stainless-steel reusable water bottles. The Hit Promotional Products 25 oz bottle has a spill-resistant lid and a wide-mouth opening. This environmentally friendly bottle comes in metallic, red, blue, and green. Your company, school, or organization can show their commitment to going green by imprinting the name and logo on the environmentally friendly bottle. The large surface area of the bottle allows for different printing locations and the choice between silk-screening a logo onto the product or having it engraved. Having your company/organization go green by decreasing the amount of paper and plastic waste you are also saving money by investing in a bottle that will outlast any paper or plastic cup. http://hitpromo.net/products.php?proID=639

Bamboo Blend Pique Sport Shirt

K497Bamboo blend is a new eco-friendly fabric that is very popular in the apparel industry. Originating from bamboo, the shirt feels very soft, comfortable and breathable. The shirt fabric is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, and odor inhibiting, protecting your skin and helping you feel comfortable all day long, even during the hot weather. It also regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry to maintain confidence.

Since this knit shirt is earth-conscious, comfortable, and stylish, it is a great idea for a promotional item. The unique material gives those who are wearing shirt the opportunity to share with others how great the fabric feels, thus, exposing the logo and company in a positive way.

Printable Seeded Paper

seededpaper1Did you know that more than 900 million trees are cut down for raw materials for American paper? This is a problem that America is working on, but needs everyone’s help and involvement. If your company wants to be proactive and help reduce this problem, consider incorporating eco friendly marketing materials into your advertising, such as promotional seeded paper.

Printable seeded paper is handmade with post consumer recycled paper and contains Snapdragons, Catchfiess, Sweet Alyssums, Glorious and English daisies, and Corn Poppy seeds. Some suggestions for printable seeded paper are bookmarks, mailers, postcards, business cards, and magnetic business tents. Promotional seeded paper is perfect for any eco promotion and makes a great impression on customers, while helping to save the environment in a unique way. It allows any company to stand out among others and to send out a positive message and a sense of conservation to their employees and customers.

Promotional Products Can Help Promote Water Conservation

ec03lgAt this moment, California’s drought is at level one and the district strongly encourages its residential customers to continue their water conservation efforts. Level one is called the “drought watch” and means that we need to reduce up to 10% of the water usage if we want to overcome this situation. If not, we will continue to climb the levels into an emergency. How can local water districts educate the public about the need for water conservation?

Promotional products can help promote water conservation and this Water Conservation Set is the perfect way to promote a solution to this ongoing problem. Any company can show their concern with this promotional product. The Water Conservation Set comes with a recyclable pouch that includes a digital shower timer, tap aerator, and a water conservation booklet. Water districts and governments can use the promotional product to advertise website addresses to the public about the drought situation. Many products are small enough to mail and can be given at street fairs, information sessions, and local schools.

Does it Pay for a Company to be Green?

Three companies used eco-friendly products to help promote their messages.

Does it pay for a company to be green? Absolutely. According to the inaugural BBMG Consumer Conscious Report, nearly 90% of American consumers are more likely to buy products from companies they believed employed eco-friendly practices. That’s a big number. But to get the attention of consumers who are going green, you’ve got to toot your own horn a bit.

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Tree In A Bag

growingtrees3 Earth day is in the month of April, and what is a better way to show that your company is a supporter than going green? These Live Seedling Trees are easy to plant and easy to grow and allows anyone to help re-green America by planting these long-lasting live trees. By investing in these inexpensive, imprinted seedling trees, a company will be giving themselves a good impression and their logo will be remembered.

It is a fact that each tree can convert over 600 pounds of harmful polution into pure oxygen, which is what a family of four breathes in one year. These live seedling trees are the way to say that you care.  They are a great promotional product to have for the upcoming Earth Day and will give any company maximum exposure and a good reputation.

Save Water, Energy, Money, And The Earth

Shower TimerDid you know that every ten minutes in the shower you could be wasting over 30 gallons of water? This five minute shower timer is a simple way to monitor how long you really spend in there. This shower timer can save you water, energy, money and help prevent water shortages. The shower timer is a great giveaway to show  your eco friendly support. Everyone can use extra money, why not stop wasting it down the drain? Great gift for coporate offices, healthcare, schools, tradeshows, and events!

Non-Woven Reusable Grocery Tote

grocbag1This new idea of reusable grocery bags allows anyone to feel like they are a part of the eco-friendly solution of consumption. Reusable grocery bags are very popular these days and everyone wants to help our environment. This grocery bag also makes a great promotional product. Companies or organizations can imprint their name, logo and website address on the bag to express their concern for the environment and provide a practical method for shoppers.

This non-woven reusable grocery tote is non-expensive and great for getting a company logo out there to many different audiences and help create an eco-friendly image.