Holiday Gift Idea — USB Power Bank

Having trouble figuring out what to give your clients or employees for the holidays? Technology; it’s all around us and helps makes our lives easier whether in the office, on the go or at home. Tech items are great and a simple way to advertise your business with the imprint of your logo. When you’re charging your phone or listening to music, your brand will be right there for everyone to see.

Whether it’s a power bank, speaker or wireless earbuds, we have what you need to make this holiday season a bright one. So why not look into tech gifts for your corporation? Let’s get ready for the season with these fun and classy promotional items.

4 Port USB Hub!

Do you always run out of USB ports? Well now this adorable 4 port USB hub will solve all your problems.  You can quickly turn 1 USB port into 4 ports with this hub. The cute head can also be used as a post it holder. This is perfect to have if multiple phones need to be charged, if you have multiple devices that need to be plugged into your computer, or just some cute decor for your desk! This product comes with the hub, a stand, and a 35″ USB cable. This port also has MP3 and SD readers. Also, you can put your logo on this great product! So from now on you don’t have to worry about how many ports you have because the amount can be endless!

Keychain Swivel USB Car Charger

Are you always forgetting to bring a phone charger when you are on the go? Well you don’t have to worry anymore! With this new keychain you will always have a car charger on you. It can plug into your car and keep any USB powered device charged while you are driving. All you need is your USB cord! These cool keychains come in red, royal blue, or black. You will never have to be on the go with a dead phone again! You can add your logo and make this an excellent promotional gift as well. This item will be on sale until August 31, 2014.

Never Lose Your USB Again!

1, 2, 3…SLAP!!

Anyone else have a hard time remembering where they put their USB drive? No worries, recall its whereabouts with a slap on the wrist! The Slap Band conveniently wraps around your wrist in a choice of nine fashion forward colors, making for some seriously stylish arm candy. This unique new product makes a bold and inventive fashion statement sure to capture others’ curiosity. Imprint your logo on the center of the band and make your USB carrying easy and efficient! These handy…or should I say wristy USB drives are the perfect accessory for anyone needing extra memory storage! Are you ready to be the topic of discussion?

Extrodinary devices!

With all the new and increasingly brilliant technologies, it is safe to say we have rode the technological wave into the information age. One great technology birthed by this era is simple yet brilliant: a USB drive. USB drives act like tote bags for your data; they keep all your information, documents, and pictures  safe and provides easy access to said information. Using USB drives to tote about data is not a new trend, but the way modern USB drives are being designed is! Find the perfect USB drive that fits both you and your business with these new, creative, and innovative options! One innovative and fun USB drive is the van drive! This fun USB drive is in the shape of van or truck, and comes imprinted to look like your company vehicle.  This would be the perfect USB drive for a mover company, a shuttle service, or any vehicle based business! Another creative way to store information is through the pen drive. With this innovative device you can have your USB drive and write with it too; The pen drive not only stores information, but also looks and acts like a ball point pen. This nifty device is also imprinted with your logo to spread information and the word on your business.  Last but certainly not least is the mini me USB drive (pictured)! This fun yet useful device is shaped like a mini person with your logo printed on its shirt. Not only that, but the person can be custom shaped to fit any business, such as a doctor or an office worker! Don’t just settle for the ordinary, spread your business message with extraordinary USB drive that fits you!

The Ultimate Mouse

Nowadays a successful business must market itself throughout the country and sometimes even the world. This typically leads to constant traveling in airplanes or long car rides, and the use of a laptop is necessary. When these “road trips” get a little bumpy the use of the mouse touch pad can get tiring and frustrating. Typical computer mice are too large and bulky to carry around while the USB plug-in mice chords can limit your movement and ability to control the mouse. The Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse does exactly what its name intends, it allows freedom of movement due to wireless technology. By simple plugging in its receiver the mouse works off wireless technology to work with your computer. This mouse also includes an automatic sleep function to prolong battery life. For easy storage the mouse includes a hidden compartment to store the USB connector, to reduce the chance of losing that piece. To customize this product the company has the option to silkscreen their logo onto the center of the mouse which makes it a prime product for trade shows or sale incentives.

Customizable USB People!

usb-people-copyLooking for a creative company gift or giveaway? USB People are entirely customizable to look how you want, they can even wear a shirt with your logo on it! The different look combinations must be in the millions, and the creative designs are sure to awe everyone who receives one. There are even custom USB People to look like Doctors, Nurses, Businessmen, and many more. Out are the old boring USB drives and in are the new fun, useful, and creative USB People! These USB drives range in size from 64MB to 8GB and are a great gift for anyone.

Dishwasher Safe Technology and You

Have you ever been afraid of what lies under the keys of your keyboard, or what germs are thriving on the mouse?  Now you may have peace of mind with the antimicrobial-washable keyboard and mouse.  These specially patented items are dishwasher safe.  The keyboard and 5 button mouse are manufactured from SILVER SEAL Antimicrobial plastic and silicon, respectively, and use SEAL SHIELD waterproof technology.  The antimicrobial keyboard protects users between washings from cross contamination infections.  The USB connector is 24k gold, he keys are laser etched  and the custom drain holes make it dishwasher safe.  The mouse has left, right and 3 button SEAL SCROLL system with page grabber technology.  It also has a 24k gold USB Connector, ergonomic feel and is dishwasher safe.

These state-of-the-art technological advancements were specifically designed for healthcare staff, automotive and educational industries. Hospitals, school and offices are breeding grounds for sickness.  Help protect your staff, students and yourself and upgrade.  These quality products would even make a great corporate gift.