WATER You Waiting For?!


You’re about to be in AWE… This new 124 oz. Collapsible Beverage Dispenser is here and ready for Spring AND Summer! Add this baby to your table side at trade-shows, bring it along with you at sporting events or give it as a cool and simple gift to your colleagues, customers or friends. This dispenser can expand and collapse by just unscrewing the top lid and pulling/pushing the container to the desired size. With a carry handle and spigot attached, all you need to do is add your beverage and you’ll be ready to quench any thirst! This product is available in Green, Blue, Red and White. So we will ask you again….WATER YOU WAITING FOR?! Inquire about this product at Logoexpressions.com or email sales@logoexpressions.com for a free quote TODAY!

A Bear Hug on a Much Smaller Scale

Sick of that pesty condensation ring your favorite drink left behind? Those small water droplets can turn into a nasty puddle before you know it leaving devastation in its path. If you’re sick of hunting for a coaster, or really would rather avoid it, why not give your beverage a bear hug on a much smaller scale in Numo’s fabulous knitwear… for bottles! Just like your favorite pair of socks, the Zino will fit your drinks every curve! Whether your bottle sports a neck like a giraffe, or the build of a linebacker, we have you covered. Be sure to pick yours up today and don’t forget your company logo! With the Zino knitted bottle cover, not even awesome advertising opportunities are too much of a stretch.

Party in a Bottle??? Pfft! Party WITH Your Bottle!

The night-time events are coming up fast. And with the warmer nights coming up while the sun is going down, there is something that all night shin digs need. That is light; and depending on the event, they can be in any color. It can be just a constant light, or it can be pulsing, changing and moving, to create an ambiance that fits the scene perfectly. Now there is the perfect additional light to add a little something unique to your next event. That is the Strobe LED Bottle, and just like your company or event, it is as individual and as expressive as you would like. You can have just a light that goes with the theme or company colors. Or it can change and dance just like your employees will at the function. These are also great for events outside of business too, for the pleasure seekers and night-time adventurers. Have a night bike ride, hike, walk planned? Going camping or to a bonfire and tired of losing your cup at night? With your bottle showing off you will never lose your bottle at the party. So add some life and light into your nights, your eyes will thank you.

Extraordinary Promotions!

redsolomugIt is said that the people and things we surround ourselves with say something about who we are. Take, for example, the time-honored saying “You are what you eat”. If our food speaks volumes about us, what about our drink ware? Say good bye to ordinary mugs and cups, and say hello to the extraordinary cup that fits you!

Remember, it is not a party without the coffee! This fun mug has all the good looks of the classic red solo cup we all know and love, but is ceramic and perfect for any hot beverage! This fun cup will be the life of the party at sporting events, celebrations, or just about any where! This mug comes in four bright colors and is insulated with double walled ceramics to keep your drink hot.
The red solo mug also has your logo proudly displayed on the front, to not only spread the party spirit, but your baseness as well!
Be the type of person who brightens up the room they walk in, with their glassware, that is! Let your personality shine with light-up novelty stem ware and shot glasses! These bright glasses have one to three colored LED lights, 9 color options, and two different light actions! These lively glasses come in many unique styles and comes imprinted with your logo! Light up glassware is not only creative but also perfect for promoting your business. Don’t just advertise your business- light up the night!
Another creative cup idea is the ideal drink ware for traveling or other instances where space is limited: the expandable cup! This cup does just that, it expands for use and shrinks for easy carrying and storage. The expandable cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe and has your logo printed across the Handel! This handy cup can fit just about any where, and bring your message with it. These fun cups are as extraordinary as you are and are the perfect fit for any occasion!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is known for many things; the beginning of Fall, the official beginning of the holiday season, and Halloween. October is also marked by another very important event: breast cancer awareness month. It is important for everyone to know and understand what breast cancer is and how it effects women and their loved ones everywhere. Statistics state that about 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. But statistics also state that in 2011, there were more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the US. Show you support  for this progress and for those whom have fought and are fighting it with these fun, new products. For those early mornings drink your favorite morning beverage in this 13 oz white ceramic mug with a pink ribbon shaped handle and your logo printed on the front. For those wet days this fall shield yourself from the rain with this pink umbrella. This umbrella comes in a artfully wrapped gift box with a fabric purse to carry it in. These as well as our other breast cancer awareness items are perfect gifts for others or just for yourself to raise awareness for breast cancer this month.


Holiday Mugs

product_full_2768HO HO HO! Santa Clause is coming to town! With the holidays and a cool winter season just around the corner, everyone is going to be craving hot drinks to warm them up. These adorable holiday mugs are a perfect way to warm up the holiday season and welcome the new year! Just choose one of our seven special holiday templates and place your logo on both sides of the mug and it instantly becomes a perfect promotional product. It will make a great holiday gift for your employees and clients and also serve for great advertisement for your company when used. Santa knows when youre being naughty and nice so be sure to show your holiday spirit with your companies personalized holiday mug!