Promotional Products … Sales up in 2005

Lately we have been discussing how promotional products can help boost company advertising and the importance for  using them properly, especially at tradeshows, events, promotions, etc. Well, according to a recent Media Release article on the ASI Central website, the Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) released results of its annual promotional products industry sales analysis, “indicating revenues jumped 5.1 percent from 2004 to $17.8 billion in 2005 -the third year of continuous increases and a new record.” This analysis, conducted by ASI, shows growth in 2005 was driven by “increased recognition that promotional products should be included in marketing campaigns and by the overall strength of the U.S. economy.”

Another news note from ASI’s Website… The Arizona Republic ran a survey that found that cities are following in “corporate footsteps by spending more on promotional products for public events; Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs have more than tripled the amount of money spent on promotional items from 2001 to 2005”. Well, it’s nice to know where to look for collections of new and popular promotional products for any occasion.  Thanks to all that have helped our industry thrive to succeed!

New High-Tech Popular Promotional Products

USB WatchCheck out this slick looking new watch with USB Flash Memory which can conceal 32 to 128 MB of built-in flash memory. Inside the watch strap is a cleverly disguised USB plug and cable. Plug into any usb port and be able to transfer any computer data, be it word processing documents, MP3 files, audio information, and more. Custom imprint the face of the watch with your company name and logo.
Dogtag Digital Watch

Dog tags have quickly become a popular fashion staple among the young and  old, celebrities, athletes, and patriots. Here is the combined the style of the dog tag with the classic value of a watch. Great for a promotion, event, or show. For more product ideas click here

Understanding the type of tradeshow & your target market (part 2)

Here is another excerpt from our online article “Promotional Products Build Brand Awareness at Trade Shows”

In order to determine the best product for the trade show we must first understand the types of trade shows. In an article “Upselling in the Trade- Show Market” in PPB magazine Julia O’Conner, President of Trade Show Training, Inc. lists three types of trade shows. 1) B2B Marketing is one type of trade show where buyers and sellers get together to discuss problems, explore solutions and advance the sales process. 2) B2B Sales shows are retail oriented shows, in which the buyer is the direct retailer or involved in the distribution chain. 3) B2C show caters to the end user of a product or service. For example, fairs, shows and events that are open to the general public are B2C shows. Once you determine the type of trade show you plan to exhibit at you can then strategize to choose the proper promotional product for the event.

You must also understand your target market and determine what types of promotional products would appeal to them. Choose products that have lasting impressions with your customers and make yourself stand out from the competition. Heavy items are not suitable to carry around at trade shows. Items that can be used in the office tend to keep your company name and logo in front of the potential customer during working hours. Creating the connection between the trade show, your company’s product or service and the promotional product will help you have a positive impact at the show.  Click here to read entire article

Fun and Funky

Funky Head Lip BalmSpring is here and so what better time to use some cool promo items like this Lip Balm with Lip Clipz holder. Pick your choice of the many funky heads that easily slip on and off on all popular lip balms. Get quality custom labels with 5 great flavors of FDA approved lip balm. A supplier of ours has more unique advertising specialties like this. What about for you next pen or highlighter? You can get some with custom labels and goofy heads like this lip balm or check here for more selection of fun & unique promotional items.