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Understanding the type of tradeshow & your target market (part 2)

Here is another excerpt from our online article “Promotional Products Build Brand Awareness at Trade Shows”

In order to determine the best product for the trade show we must first understand the types of trade shows. In an article “Upselling in the Trade- Show Market” in PPB magazine Julia O’Conner, President of Trade Show Training, Inc. lists three types of trade shows. 1) B2B Marketing is one type of trade show where buyers and sellers get together to discuss problems, explore solutions and advance the sales process. 2) B2B Sales shows are retail oriented shows, in which the buyer is the direct retailer or involved in the distribution chain. 3) B2C show caters to the end user of a product or service. For example, fairs, shows and events that are open to the general public are B2C shows. Once you determine the type of trade show you plan to exhibit at you can then strategize to choose the proper promotional product for the event.

You must also understand your target market and determine what types of promotional products would appeal to them. Choose products that have lasting impressions with your customers and make yourself stand out from the competition. Heavy items are not suitable to carry around at trade shows. Items that can be used in the office tend to keep your company name and logo in front of the potential customer during working hours. Creating the connection between the trade show, your company’s product or service and the promotional product will help you have a positive impact at the show.  Click here to read entire article

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