Golf Promotional Products … part 1 of 4

With the increased popularity of golf, so is the need for the wide variety of golf products. Within a four part weekly series of the popularity of golf promotions we will discuss the popularity of golf, new products for golf tournaments, executive gifts and the club house. In this first post we will discuss the popularity of golf, and some popular imprinted golf items this year.

Here is a statistic “… there are approximately 30 million golfers in the United States alone who spend $20 billion each year on golf products and services”, according to Sherry Jacobson, VP of sales & Marketing at Golf Plus. Many of these golfers are finding ways to incorporate golf into their business. Corporate executives are playing more golf and also finding it a great way to do business, make new contacts, and develop industry relations.  Golf tournaments, company outings, industry trade shows, fundraising events are all markets in which golf promo items can be used.

Providing logo golf balls to their clients is a great way for an executive to show his or her appreciation to their client prior to the round of golf.  In addition to the logo golf balls an exec can offer golf promotional products that are economical but have some staying power with the client.  For example, imprinted golf towels, divot tools and tees make great gift ideas from our golf promotion department.

Add a little “bling” to your event or party

ballistic cup drinkware

Wanting to add a little “bling” to a wedding, party or other event?  This cup lights up with 6 multi-flashing LED lights with a touch of a button.  I can see this cup being on the next season of MTV’s reality show “My Super Sweet Sixteen” – the reality stars on this show use the trendiest products to come out into the market. This is the ultimate party cup keepsake for your guests or customers.

Check out the Ballistic Mug here.

New! Silicone Awareness Ring

Promotional Awareness RingWho would have thought, that the awareness bracelet would have become such a craze? From the Lance Armstrong “Livestrong” bracelet to the Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet, we have seen the popularity of this silicone bracelet grow.  What about the silicone awareness ring? It’s a new product that has been brought into the promotional products industry.  Not only can the ring be produced to match a pms color, there is also glow-in-the-dark and marbleized choices.  What a deal!  I’ll be sporting the first one I can get my hands on.

Check out these awareness rings here.


Promotional Items for the Healthcare Industry

I posted an article about healthcare promotions a few months back. I saw some promotional bandages that Volkswagon had done and caught my attention about the need for healthcare promotional items. Then, I read an article in the ASI Industry News about the predicted shortage of nurses by 2010 and stating that Healthcare corporations will be in need of “incentives to attract and retain more health care workers”. Promo incentives can help attract new recruits at trade shows, conventions, etc. Get some ideas in our healthcare promotion department