Bobbleheads…. A fun way to advertise

Soccer Player BobbleheadOne of my favorite things about going to my hometown team ballgame, whether it be baseball or football, was getting a cool bobblehead of one of my favorite players. This is a cute item for a school event, little league team, sporting events, summer camp picnics, and more.  This bobble head allows you to place a custom picture in the area in the head.  You can choose all types of figures, from sports players, professional occupations, wedding figures, holiday personalities, and more!Football Player Bobblehead

Here is the soccer player bobblehead and football player bobblehead. There are many bobbleheads to choose from to help you pick the right style for any event or function.


Promotional Products for Golf…. Part 2 of 4

Last week we discussed the popularity of golf in the United States. This week we are discussing Golf Tournaments, their popularity, who produces golf tournaments and some of the most widely used promotional products used at golf tournaments. According to the Corporate Logo Magazine March 2006 article over 1 million golf tournaments are held in the United States each year. Meeting planners, corporations, charities, schools, associations and civic groups make up the six major groups that host golf tournaments.

Golf tournaments can be used to raise money for charity, gain recognition, recreation, thank you for support and competition. Many various types for promotional products are available for each of these categories. For example, low cost items such as golf tees, golf pencils and golf balls can be used for the charity events. These items show appreciation to the participants of the charity event. Golf towels, because of the large imprint area are ideal for gaining recognition. Golf bags, tournament kits and golf apparel make great appreciation gifts and golf awards for participants of competitive golf tournaments.

With the popularity of golf tournaments increasing many organizers are turning to golf promotional products to show appreciation and present awards to the golf tournament participants.

Logo Golf Balls

Logo Golf BallsHere is a good example of quality promo golf balls of Titleist brand.  Comes with 3 golf balls, a classic 4 color golf motif on tube, a choice of cap colors, and 2 color imprint on each ball.

Get more info on this product here or check out our selection of more custom logo golf balls.

Giving imprinted golf balls to the participants of recreational golf tournaments is relatively inexpensive but a fun way to promote the tournament.