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Fun, Funky, and Unusual Promo Items

When that special customer comes looking for a unusual, fun, and unique promotional item you should have a small list on standby.  I saw a few unusual items in a recent article on the website taken from “Advantages” magazine, that caught my eye. Here are a couple gifts that could be a good fit for that certain client request.Executive Promo Gift

Here is a stress reliever toy item that is great for a corporate gift. “Exec-u-Flipz” is a weighted, animated executive toy that spins, twists and flips, always landing on its feet. Comes in six solid colors and six translucent colors.

 Punching Pen

Promotional pens always come in handy, so why not add some fun.  Here is the Punching Pen; Press left or right handle on back to make the corresponding arm jab.

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