New Promotional Product for 2009 – Cube Pen Calendar

1821Check out this new product for 2009.  It’s the cube pen calendar! Talk about a unique giveaway item.  It has the upcoming year calendar on it which comes in handy all year long.  This pen for sure will stay in sight on your customer’s desk/pen holder.  Not only it useful product but also unique item that the customer will enjoy. 4color process printing is offered on the pen to show off your company logo. And let’s not forget that the cubes rotate to add that distinctiveness to this item.

Custom shaped chocolate

Custom shaped chocolates! Can we say delicious and unique? When I hear chocolate, my first thought is, where can I get a sample? Following that thought my interest goes to the shape of these chocolates. Size, shape and design are up to you. From boots, stars, cell phones, etc. design a piece that fits your company. Personalize each with your logo or message and you create a chocolate that is a distinct expression of your company or event.