Promotional Products Can Help Promote Water Conservation

ec03lgAt this moment, California’s drought is at level one and the district strongly encourages its residential customers to continue their water conservation efforts. Level one is called the “drought watch” and means that we need to reduce up to 10% of the water usage if we want to overcome this situation. If not, we will continue to climb the levels into an emergency. How can local water districts educate the public about the need for water conservation?

Promotional products can help promote water conservation and this Water Conservation Set is the perfect way to promote a solution to this ongoing problem. Any company can show their concern with this promotional product. The Water Conservation Set comes with a recyclable pouch that includes a digital shower timer, tap aerator, and a water conservation booklet. Water districts and governments can use the promotional product to advertise website addresses to the public about the drought situation. Many products are small enough to mail and can be given at street fairs, information sessions, and local schools.

Glam-Up Your Drinkware!

60-805si-1-l-glitterThis new promotional mug with glitter imprint is a great way to catch people’s attention! This new style is available for ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, and glass items. Many colors are also available and allow any company to make the drinkware custom to fit their own style.

Putting a company logo, motto, or web adress on a glitter imprint will get people’s intreset in a creative way. Glitter imprinting is a new style and will be unforgetable to customers and since it is not just an ordinary imprint, the drinkware will not blend in with all the others, giving the company maximum exposure.

Does it Pay for a Company to be Green?

Three companies used eco-friendly products to help promote their messages.

Does it pay for a company to be green? Absolutely. According to the inaugural BBMG Consumer Conscious Report, nearly 90% of American consumers are more likely to buy products from companies they believed employed eco-friendly practices. That’s a big number. But to get the attention of consumers who are going green, you’ve got to toot your own horn a bit.

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Tree In A Bag

growingtrees3 Earth day is in the month of April, and what is a better way to show that your company is a supporter than going green? These Live Seedling Trees are easy to plant and easy to grow and allows anyone to help re-green America by planting these long-lasting live trees. By investing in these inexpensive, imprinted seedling trees, a company will be giving themselves a good impression and their logo will be remembered.

It is a fact that each tree can convert over 600 pounds of harmful polution into pure oxygen, which is what a family of four breathes in one year. These live seedling trees are the way to say that you care.  They are a great promotional product to have for the upcoming Earth Day and will give any company maximum exposure and a good reputation.

Cost per Impression of Promotional Products

We have just received data stating that promotional products are an excellent alternative to more expensive advertising. A survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that the average cost per impression of an advertising specialty (Promotional Item) is $0.004. Promotional items like calendars and grocery bags actually have a lower cost per impression at about $0.002. We like grocery bags with a company logo imprinted on the front side of each bag for two reasons. One, many grocery bags are reusable, eliminating the need for plastic bags every time we purchase items at the grocery store. Two, grocery bags have a large imprint area allowing the logo to be viewed by many patrons. We also like calendars because they are inexpensive (many are less than $2.00 each) and your logo is in front of potential customers 12 months out of the year. The average cost of $0.004 per impression make promotional products a worthwhile investment for marketers.

Download the Cost Per Impression Study [pdf]