Promotional Calendars

calendar_collageA great advertising tool that is cost effective and has fantastic exposure for a company is a promotional calendar. A calendar might seem simple, but it is in fact one of the best advertising techniques. Calendars stay with a customer for an entire year and exposes a company’s name and logo each time that customer writes an appointment or memo. They are practical for any customer and is seen more as a gift than a sales promotion.

Calenders come in many different styles and a company can customize their calendar to reflect their business or even promote an important cause. The great thing about promotional calendars is that once the year is up, the customer will need a replacement and will most likely ask for one for the following year. The amount of face time a calendar provides for a company is incredible and it only costs a penny a day per calendar impression, which is a great deal for what our economy is today. A promotional calendar definitely increases company awareness, rewards good customers, and stretches advertising dollars.

Sweatshirt Water Bottle

sweatshirtbottleCool, new promotional product for schools, universities and community events.  It’s the Bio-DPS biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt.  It comes in three colors including white, gray and blue.  Not only is it a fun product but also very useful.  The sweatshirt can display your school or company logo and has a handy front pocket to keep some stuff in.  Awesome new product that is sure to please your audience. Now don’t you want one?  I sure do.

Bamboo Blend Pique Sport Shirt

K497Bamboo blend is a new eco-friendly fabric that is very popular in the apparel industry. Originating from bamboo, the shirt feels very soft, comfortable and breathable. The shirt fabric is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, and odor inhibiting, protecting your skin and helping you feel comfortable all day long, even during the hot weather. It also regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry to maintain confidence.

Since this knit shirt is earth-conscious, comfortable, and stylish, it is a great idea for a promotional item. The unique material gives those who are wearing shirt the opportunity to share with others how great the fabric feels, thus, exposing the logo and company in a positive way.