Unbreakable Keyboard

rubber keyboardKeyboards are an essential component to a computer, unfortunately in most cases they are large and bulky items that are not ideal for traveling. On laptops the keyboard is typically smaller and the keys are closer together making it harder to type. Pingline’s rubberized keyboard covers all these problems with the ability to roll up and bend. Now you can conserve space on your office desk by rolling your keyboard up and placing it closer to your monitor or even in a drawer. This keyboard is ideal for dorm rooms and college life because it is water proof and a space saver. It also comes in five different cool colors which allows you to color coordinate it with your computer or room. The keyboard itself includes a numeric keypad and eighteen multimedia keys.  A space left above the numeric keypad in the top right corner allows room for a school or company logo to be placed.

Turn a Planner Into a Promotional Product

TipinPagesLMonthly planners are the most widely used gift item across every industry. Planners are a practical product that helps clients stay organized on a daily basis. Imprinted monthly planners not only benefit the customers; they also make  great promotional items featuring your company name and logo on the cover for everyone to see every day. Promotional Pages can be added to each planner. A promotional page is  a custom printed page that is inserted at the front or the back of the planner. Promotional Pages are great for enhancing your idea, message, or information with corporate logos, dedications, coupons, location information, charts, and photographs that help represent your company.

Customizing and personalizing standard promotional planners will vividly express an advertisement within your calendars. These unique planners stand out among the others and take your promotional product marketing campaign to a whole new advertising level. Adding promotional pages to planners turns a regular book into a unique promotional tool that will provide valuable exposure for your company.

The Ultimate Mouse

Nowadays a successful business must market itself throughout the country and sometimes even the world. This typically leads to constant traveling in airplanes or long car rides, and the use of a laptop is necessary. When these “road trips” get a little bumpy the use of the mouse touch pad can get tiring and frustrating. Typical computer mice are too large and bulky to carry around while the USB plug-in mice chords can limit your movement and ability to control the mouse. The Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse does exactly what its name intends, it allows freedom of movement due to wireless technology. By simple plugging in its receiver the mouse works off wireless technology to work with your computer. This mouse also includes an automatic sleep function to prolong battery life. For easy storage the mouse includes a hidden compartment to store the USB connector, to reduce the chance of losing that piece. To customize this product the company has the option to silkscreen their logo onto the center of the mouse which makes it a prime product for trade shows or sale incentives.

Mag-lite Flashlights

Flashlights can be used for many different reasons, whether it is used to tell scary stories at the annual family camping trips or in case of emergencies around the office or at home.  Compass Industries, Inc. founded in 1937 has been serving American families for over 70 years. Their Mag-lite flashlight allows for more durability and gives the owner several different options of light distribution, it can be used as a spotlight, floodlight, or candle. The LED versions of the Mag-lite give off a brighter beam of light and have a longer battery/bulb life compared to traditional flashlight bulbs. The compact size of the Mag-lite allows for easy storage and spare bulbs can be stored in the tail cap of the flashlight. Compass Industries, Inc. has developed a unique technique of wrap-around logo engraving that allows the owner to put a personal touch on their new Mag-lite.