Cereal on the Go

Cereal on the Go“Ring ring ring” your alarm clock goes off at 6am and somehow you find the strength to crawl out of bed. Then you shuffle over to your kids’ room, half asleep, and have to wake them up to get ready for school. By the time you are coherent you’re down to the wire and have to speed your kids off to school and get to work in the nick of time…But wait! During this chaotic morning routine you forgot to have breakfast! With Cereal on the Go you don’t have to go without another breakfast every again!

Tag Master’s Cereal on the Go is a handy little product with two separate containers that twist together allowing you to store your fresh cereal and keep your milk cold until your ready to eat. The 5.7 oz freezer gel milk container allows you to freeze it over night so in the morning when you add your milk it will stay cold until you need it for breakfast. The compact size of the Cereal on the Go makes it perfect for using when your stuck in traffic or at your desk. It is available in green, blue, and orange and also comes with a reusable folding spoon that can be conveniently stored in the lid of the cereal container. The clear cereal container also makes a great promotional product. Imprinting your company or organization logo on the item will create brand awareness. With Cereal on the Go, will start their day right and keep your company top of mind.

Stay Healthy, Be Happy

handsanitizersWith flu season knocking on our door and the H1N1 virus affecting more and more people each day it is important to protect yourself from these harmful viruses. Besides washing your hands, and getting the proper shots, hand sanitizer is the most effective way to kill the bacteria that comes from simply touching everyday items. You may think public restrooms are the most unsanitary places ever; although this is true ATMs, elevator buttons, and phone receivers contain just as much if not more bacteria. Yuck!

Natural Trends new hand sanitizers you can kill 99.9% of the germs on contact. Natural Trends sanitizers 62% alcohol formula is made in the good old USA . So when you think about it you can protect yourself from harmful bacteria and help the economy at the same time! Natural Trends also offers many styles and sizes of dispensers that range from 64oz to .5oz. To give these hand sanitizers personal touch have your company logo imprinted on the bottle; this simple addition makes them the ideal promotional product at trade shows. Don’t waste time and take the precautions necessary to protect yourself, your co workers, and your family.

Smiley Air Diffuser

smileyairdiffuserThe clock finally hits 12:00, you think to yourself, “Yes! Its finally lunch time!” You walk to your office’s kitchen area to retrieve the delicious homemade lunch you packed yourself only to be greeted by the stale greasy stench of your coworkers 3 week old Mcdonalds sitting on the counter. Sudden loss of appetite. Wouldn’t you much rather walk into a room filled with the sweet scent of vanilla or lavender? This trendy air freshener from Points of Light is not only a great way to freshen up a room but, unlike most air fresheners, are also very stylish.  This smiling air diffuser can also serve as a great promotional product, just put your logo on the side. It makes a great gift for office events and the smiley face will also bring in traffic at your next trade show. No one likes the smell of stale grease, replace that stench with the sweet scents of vanilla and lavender with this great promotional air diffuser from Points of Light!

Bouncing Pumpkin light up pen

2009-09-30Bounce your way into the Halloween season with Clegg’s bouncing pumpkin light up pen! This unique pen is a one of a kind attention grabber, just tap or hit and watch the light up pumpkin topper flash before your eyes.  Perfect for attracting traffic at trade shows, this pen will set you and your company apart from the others this fall season. Also available various colored bulbed tops so your company can light up any event all year long! Have your pick of toppers in orange, blue, pink, yellow, purple, red, green or seasonal pumpkin pens. Just imprint your logo on the side and this becomes a great promotional product for your company or organization.

Santa Claus Ball Stress Reliever

santaclausestressballHe knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!  Santa Claus is coming to town!  Bring some Christmas cheer into your office with a Santa Claus ball stress reliever.   The Santa ball  is not only a great way to spread the holiday joy throughout your office, but also a great stress reliever. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, just give him a squeeze to release all of that negative energy.   No one wants a Scrooge around the holidays, make the holidays bright with cheer again.  The Santa ball can also serve as a great promotional item; just add your logo onto the back of the ball.  It makes a great giveaway item at your company’s holiday parties and will bring in the crowds at your upcoming trade shows by showing your company’s holiday spirit.  Also available is the Snowman Ball stress reliever so Frosty can join in on your holiday fun as well!