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Smiley Air Diffuser

smileyairdiffuserThe clock finally hits 12:00, you think to yourself, “Yes! Its finally lunch time!” You walk to your office’s kitchen area to retrieve the delicious homemade lunch you packed yourself only to be greeted by the stale greasy stench of your coworkers 3 week old Mcdonalds sitting on the counter. Sudden loss of appetite. Wouldn’t you much rather walk into a room filled with the sweet scent of vanilla or lavender? This trendy air freshener from Points of Light is not only a great way to freshen up a room but, unlike most air fresheners, are also very stylish.  This smiling air diffuser can also serve as a great promotional product, just put your logo on the side. It makes a great gift for office events and the smiley face will also bring in traffic at your next trade show. No one likes the smell of stale grease, replace that stench with the sweet scents of vanilla and lavender with this great promotional air diffuser from Points of Light!

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