Celebrate Earth Day (April 22)!

Celebrate the environment while also promoting global awareness with Earth Day themed promotional products! Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 by the Environmental Teach-In and Senator Gaylord Nelson, a strong environmental activist. Largely supported and organized at the grassroots level, over 20 million Americans came out in response to and in support of the movement in peaceful protests favoring environmental reform. Many acts of legislation were passed in regards to the environment following Earth Day, such as the Clean Air Act, laws protecting water and wild lands, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Having been declared by Congress as a national day to celebrate the earth, the message of Earth Day has lived on since the 1970s and will continue to have a great impact in the wake of necessary improvements in environmental protection laws due to global warming, increasing pollution, etc.

Show your support for environmental protection and spread awareness to clients, employees, and the general public with the Wilson Eco Core golf ball. It is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. The Wilson Eco Core golf ball is made from 100% recycled material. Help the environment one golf ball at a time and with your company’s logo imprinted on each one; it not only reminds people of the importance of taking care of our planet, but that your company is an active supporter in this cause.

  • Recycled Rubber Core
  • Green Friendly, Earth Friendly

Product Color: White

Applique Beach Towel Collection

The summer season just around the corner.  A necessity for water recreation, the appliqué beach towel collection is highly absorbent and hemmed for extra durability. Made from 100% cotton velour with appliqué icons and woven jacquard main body.  These three-dimensional appliqué beach-themed icons make these towels unique. An array of bright colors, detailed appliqué images, and varied finishing textures make these oversized towels perfect for your embroidered logo.

40” x 70”. 19 lbs./doz.

Sandals That Leave a Lasting Impression

These stylish sandals not only feel good and look great, but they are a unique way to promote your company. These sandals would be a great gift for a company picnic to the beach this summer or for any outdoor occasion. The sandal comes with a custom Die-Cut “Talking Sole” that leaves an eye catching impression. Every step taken in these sandals is like a free advertisement for your company, especially at the beach where there are large amounts of people in a confined area. With custom colors and custom soles, these sandals are sure to be a hit this summer and leave a lasting impression.

Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd with Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts!

Opinion Research Corporation found that occasional small perks boost employee  morale even more than the less frequent expensive perks  like big holiday parties, etc. that may not be in your company’s current budget.   These eco-friendly notebooks are handy for jotting down lists, reminders, and staying organized while promoting your company to everyone who sees the custom logo or message imprint.     V-Natural™ Kraft Geo Jotters make thoughtful, useful gifts that will be seen over and over again.

Go Green & Make a Difference!

These Jotters are perfect Earth Day gifts for your employees and customers, as well as spreading an eco-friendly image for your business.  They are  made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials that would have filled landfills.  These notebook & pen sets make fun promotional items because they come in colorful graphics of Red, Orange and Lime, and prints such as Lady bugs, Geometric shapes,  or Leaves.  They are spiral bound with a hard  cover, lined pages,  an elastic band closure, and a free pen!  If you need it fast it qualifies  for free rush delivery. You can even increase your name or message exposure  with a coordinating Jute-Shopper with leaves and lady bug patterns.

Thermal Porcelain Cup with Silicone Lid

  • Reusable, thermal coffee tumbler
  • Replaces paper and styrofoam coffee cups
  • Made of long-lasting porcelain and silicone
  • 100% lead-free and nontoxic
  • Great for hot or cold drinks
  • Holds about 11 oz, equivalent to a “short” or extra-small coffee
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Responsibly made in China

Replace your paper or styrofoam coffee cup habit with a stylish, sustainable tumbler. Designed to look like the real thing, this double-walled porcelain tumbler and silicone lid insulate your drink, while helping you reduce wasteful consumption of throwaway cups. Bring this tumbler to your favorite coffee shop (many offer a discount), or use it to enjoy that coffeehouse experience at work or at home; all while advertising your company’s logo. The leak-proof lid makes it easy to drink on-the-go.


A lot of times traveling on long car rides or going to an amusement park can make it hard to keep snacks and food cold. Traditional tote bags are handy when it comes to carrying your goodies but once it’s time to eat you better want a hot lunch. The new Therm-O-Snack from Bag Makers is an insulated tote bag that helps keep food cold all day long with its thermal film interior coating and zipper closer. The bag is constructed out of multi-layered premium quality non-woven polypropylene which means this bag is durable and not prone to tearing or ripping like many totes. It also has a convenient side pocket perfect for water bottles. The Therm-O-Snack comes in seven colors including; Lime, Red, Navy, Hunter, Khaki, Royal, and Black. You can also have a 5″x7″ imprint of your company, group, or school logo to help with promotion while you’re out and about. This is also the perfect gift to give on Nurse’s Day!!

Back to Basics: The Differences Between Vector Graphics and Raster Images

We at Logo Expressions Inc. want the products you create with us to look good. In fact, we want them to look great. The products you purchase through us have the potential to create more business for you and establishing your company as a trustworthy one in your niche.

However, for your products to look stellar, we have some guidelines on how your logo or artwork needs to be submitted to us. Our artwork page goes over our guidelines, including file formats and vector and raster graphics. Yet, the purpose of this article is to go a bit more in depth on this.

What are Vector Graphics?

“A computer image that is stored in memory as lines rather than a series of dots, allowing it to be rotated or proportionally scaled.” – Dictionary.com

In other words, something that is a vector graphic is scalable to any size because of its mathematical properties. You can make it as big or small as you’d like without losing any quality. The advantage of this is that you only need one vector graphic of a logo instead of various files of different sizes. Since it’s all based on math, the lines scale in proportion to all the others.

Common Vector file formats:

  • .Ai (This means that the graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator.)
  • .Pdf (Very versatile and viewable on almost any computer.)
  • .Eps (This file is very versatile that is compatible with many different programs.)


Notice that this vector based logo scales perfectly; retaining it's quality and looking crisp, clean and smooth.

What are Raster Images?

“Formation consisting of the set of horizontal lines composed of pixels that are used to form an image.” –Definr

This means that every raster image comes with a certain amount of little squares called pixels. Each pixel contains information to create the complete image. When you make raster images larger, you can’t include more pixels; that number has already been predefined. So when you make a raster image larger, it loses quality because the pixels don’t contain the appropriate information to be scaleable; they had information for a particular size, nor bigger or smaller.

Common Raster Image formats:

  • .Jpeg (Usually photographs.)
  • .Gif (Used mostly for graphics on the web.)
  • .Png (Versatile format that supports transperancy.)
  • .Psd (File that originates from Adobe Photoshop.)


In contrast, this raster image doesn't scale well at all. You can notice the loss in quality in the image.


Both vector and raster images have their advantages and disadvantages and when their formats are used effectively and correctly, the qualities of both have the chance to shine.