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You Can’t Afford Not to Write with this Pen!

Identity theft and fraud have become rampant due to the common practice of  chemical washing checks and prescriptions.  Unscrupulous people steal your checks from your mailbox, or they make-up symptoms to get doctors to write prescriptions, then these checks or prescriptions are chemically washed and re-written so the thief can illegally obtain money or prescription fraud.

Uni-ball Forger\’s Hand

Uni-ball 207 Gel Pen:

The ink in this pen cannot be washed off by chemicals, or removed because it’s pigments permanently embed themselves into the fiber of the paper. The ink is also fade and water resistant, and the improved uni-glide formulation writes extremely smoothly, cleanly, and is refillable.  It’s available in a classy chrome metallic, or in a fashionable variety of colors.  It is the perfect promotional gift for medical or health facilities to give to doctors.  It also would be perfect for anyone writing checks, or anything that could be a target for fraud or identity theft.

By Theresa

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