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Why are reusable bags better

Why are reusable grocery bags better than the paper or plastic grocery bags?

reusable bag
PolyPro Mammoth Shopper Tote 2150-05 by Leeds

We have all heard for years now that plastic bags are not bio-degradable and stay in landfills for decades.  Or that using paper bags at the rate that we make purchases ends up devastating rain-forests, etc.   Although a lot more people are starting to use reusable grocery bags there are still a lot of us who do as we always did, and rely on the store to provide disposable bags for our purchases.  However, now many stores are either giving customers money back for each reusable bag they use during each visit, or they are charging customers extra for using the store’s disposable bags.  This is providing a more immediate incentive for customers to start changing their long time habits.  Everyday people, not just “tree huggers”,  are now more likely to have reusable bags in the trunk of their cars.  It is now mainstream and more comfortable for people to be seen bringing their own bags.  This has opened a huge market for companies to advertise on these bags that people collect and are seen in public over and over again.  They also make for great promotional gifts!  The environment is benefiting from this trend more than ever, and people can feel good about doing their small part.  Go karma!

By Theresa

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