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Choosing The Right Towel

If you stopped to think about it, we all have that favorite towel lying somewhere in our closets. The odds are it is the big fluffy one we use to go to the beach or the swimming pool with.  If that is the case, you are not alone. For some reason, those large colorful towels often become a favorite in our towel collection and one that brings a smile to your face when it comes out for use.

You can get the towels you will use at the beach in all sizes. Its fun to get a set with one that is just for wiping your face after a dip in the surf, a washcloth and of course the big towel for laying on all in the same colorful design. But it is that huge towel that is big enough for you or several people to lay out on that seems to be everyone’s favorite. For one thing, there is nothing like a towel you can wrap yourself up in. When that towel comes out of the dryer at home, one of the best feelings in the world is to wrap completely up in it and let that dryer warmth make you feel cozy and snuggly. No other towel can get close to that feeling.

Why not be a part of that experience. Custom Towels with your promotional logo can be embroidered, screened or imprinted tone on tone. We also carry more than just beach towels. We have a wide variety of custom towels including logo golf towels, custom rally towels, promotional bath and printed gym towels.

Q: How do I measure the quality of a towel?
A: There are many different components to a towel, but the general rule is that a heavier towel is suitable for the bathroom, where it can dry out easily between uses, whereas a lighter weight towel is better suited to the beach, where it gets more frequent use in one period. The yarn is very important and will reflect in the price of the towel.

Q: What is a jacquard towel?
A: A jacquard towel is a towel made from coloured yarns to weave the pattern (Logo) into the towel. A jacquard towel is often made with two colours, but sometimes more colours more can be woven. A jacquard towel usually has the pattern (logo) in reverse on the back of the towel.
(Like a negative) We make two different types of Jacquard towel.
• LUXURY WOVEN PERSONALISED – Small quantities, quick turnaround, limited colours available
• TEXPLUS – Larger quantities, longer lead time, more colours

Q: What is a jacquard border?
A: Some modern jacquard looms can manufacture a flat woven section at either end of the towel. Not all mills have this technology but a jacquard border has the added advantage of additional colours and decoration.

Q: What is velour?
A: Velour is part of the finishing process of a towel. When a towel is made on a towel loom, there are loops on either side of the towel. Part of the finishing process is to shave the top of the loops off one side to create a soft velvety finish on the towel. If you look carefully, you can see! You cannot ‘velour’ both sides of the towel.

Q: What is a printed fiber reactive printed towel?
A: For larger towels quantities reactive dying is appropriate. Reactive dyes are used where many colours are required. Fiber reactive dyes react chemically to combine with and dye the fibers of the towel.. The soft handle is achieved by washing the towel after printing, which removes any excess inks and gives the towel a soft handle.

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