Book Sox

Remember when you used to go to school and make a book cover out of a brown paper bag? Well this new product from AAkron is here to replace the paper bags in case you do not remember how to make them. Book Sox are made from a stretchable fabric to fit on books up to or bigger than 10″H x 8″W. This item comes in three colors: Black, Blue, and Red. ¬†Book Sox are completely machine washable. You are able to put you imprint on these products as well. You can put your school logo on these book six or even just some fun designs. Book Sox are great for the average student to keep his or her book in the best shape possible.

Custom Mouse Pads

I just got a new mouse pad that i use everyday. Sitting at a desk everyday it makes it easier to move my mouse around on my customized mouse pad. We all know that mouse pads are a great item, they occupy prime real estate and have a huge surface area to display a lot of information. They work well for companies that need to give out everyday information to their clients because instead of looking for a paper, the client is able to just look down at their mouse pad and find out all the information that they need. By getting a recycled fabric mouse pad you can help out the environment. Custom Mouse Pads are the way to go when looking for a promotional product to give to your clients.