A Versatile Container to Change Your Life!

  • Up to 60% of the human body is water
  • The brain is composed of 70% water
  • The lungs are nearly 90% water

But….. back when I was a kid I drank sodas, Tang, Kool-aid, and milk (but only when it was left over in the bowl from my sugar cereal)! Water was the most boring beverage and never a top pick. A few years back when I got into surfing, I began bringing a huge water jug to the beach with me. My plastic water bottle went everywhere with me – school, beach, camping, work, and especially the gym. Then the big announcement came out about the dangerous BPA chemicals that can seep out of the plastic and into your beverage. Yikes! I made a big switch to a handy little stainless steel water bottle, and again, it became my trusty beverage side kick…. Nowadays plastic water bottles and aluminum bottles are safe and transport great. But today, I discovered my latest, greatest new side-kick!

Introducing my new friend, h2go Glass!

h2go Glass Comes in 3 Awesome Sizes

10oz Glass Container
10oz Glass Container
16oz Glass Container
16oz Glass Container
18oz Glass Container
18oz Glass Container

And check out this cool lid imprint too:

Lid for Glass Container
Lid for Glass Container








I’m all about versatility, and the h2go Glass is the antidote to keeping an organized and healthy life. h2go Glass containers can be used to savor any beverage you like – get this… they come in single wall and double walled for awesome insulation that’ll keep your drink warm all day.  And when you’re not using it to sip tea, coffee, or a hot chocolate, why not store nuts, jelly beans, cotton balls, anything and everything.  Your cold drinks will stay chilled too, without that telltale condensation ring on your desk.

Come to think of it, these would make clever gift items too – put your imprint on the classy glass container (why not do a custom wrap-around imprint and really make an impact), fill it with something delectable and once the goodies are gone, you’ve still got a lovely glass container  – one even comes with a tea strainer that you can use for loose leaf teas!

I’ll keep you posted about my blast with glass, my glass-tastic voyage, my jug journey, and beverage blog. I’d love to hear your replies to this post about other novel uses for this cylindrical dream come true!


Humorous Hand Sanitizers!

Boost Your Company’s Image with These Fun Hand Sanitizers

snorkel character hand sanitizer
Fun Snorkel Head!


For your summer camp….
Kids, teachers, and camp counselors alike will love to clip these fun hand sanitizers to their lanyard, belt, or backpack. What a fun and convenient way to transport hand sanitizer. Comes with handy clip and fun little character head with cute snorkel and mask.


Hand Sanitizer with Kid Head
Fun Kid Head!

For your sports team….
What a great promotional product for your soccer, baseball, or football team! Or how about getting your summer camp’s logo imprinted on these memorable hand sanitizers! Any logo will look great on the 2″ x 1.5″ imprint area.



Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer
Funny Lady Hand Sanitizer

For hotel guests, resort patrons, spa lovers….
A clever way to get your logo recognized is to have it emblazoned on the side of this funny and silly hand sanitizer – perfect for summer! A destined conversation piece.




Hand Sanitizer with Gold Head
Golf Head Hand Sanitizer

For your golf event, fundraiser, or light-hearted corporate gift….
Any fun loving golfer would love the chance to clip this hand sanitizer to their gold bag and get a few laughs. Boost your company’s brand by making people laugh and get the functionality of a cool hand sanitizer on the go.



Water Repellent Table Covers and Table Runners

Ordering a table cover was a great way to advertise your company at a trade show or any type of event. But now you do not have to use them at just trade shows and similar events because they are now water repellent. With the new water repellent material, spills gather into small pools that can easily be absorbed with a cloth or paper towel, leaving no residue!It is always a pain to worry about not getting your white table cover wet because it might stain and ruin your table cover, but now you don’t have to worry. Get your Water Repellent Table Cover Now and also get a plastic bag for easier transportation!

If a table cover isn’t what you are looking for because you want more, order a table runner and add to the look of your table cover! Table Runners also come in a Water Repellent Material and can be thrown on any table cover to ad a nice look to your display.

Promotional Summer Camp Ideas

With summer approaching, so are summer camps! No matter what type of summer camp it is, handing out fantastic promotional products is a very smart move. One of the most popular summer camp items is the drawstring backpack, it not only holds all of the campers belongings throughout their trip, but is brought back home, used again, and is a way to promote the summer camp that they had so much fun at. Another popular item at summer camps are re-usable water bottles. Kids need and will be drinking water during their stay at the camp, but will also re-use them outside of camp and during school, letting all of the other kids know what a fun camp experience they had! Other great promotional items for summer camps are sunscreen, lip balm, and caps to help with the sun, which the parents will absolutely love that their kid was very well taken care of and will most likely refer and sign up their kids for next year! Some more suggestions would be lunch bags, apparel, blankets, flashlights, and camp journals. Promotional summer camp items are a great way to make their summer camp experience a memorable one!