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Water Repellent Table Covers and Table Runners

Ordering a table cover was a great way to advertise¬†your company at a trade show or any type of event. But now you do not have to use them at just trade shows and similar events because they are now water repellent. With the new water repellent material, spills gather into small pools that can easily be absorbed with a cloth or paper towel, leaving no residue!It is always a pain to worry about not getting your white table cover wet because it might stain and ruin your table cover, but now you don’t have to worry. Get your Water Repellent Table Cover Now and also get a plastic bag for easier transportation!

If a table cover isn’t what you are looking for because you want more, order a table runner and add to the look of your table cover! Table Runners also come in a Water Repellent Material and can be thrown on any table cover to ad a nice look to your display.

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