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NEW Javalina Pens!

A pen is a devised used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing and/or drawing. Pens are key to anyone’s life because it is what we use to write. Therefore, there is no avoiding a pen and in the professional world many companies have their own pens with their company logo on them. A pen is the ultimate way to advertise your company and what your company does. They are relatively inexpensive and can be given out to customers and clients.

The New Javalina pen has a uniquely shaped body fits comfortably in your hand. With many new colors, the javalina has five new exciting translucent barrel colors and is guaranteed with an ultra-smooth writing cartridge. Choose from the Jewel, Classic, Corporate, Executive, Tropical or Splash. The great new colors help grab the customers attention to who’s name/logo is on the pen. Orders yours today for as low as $.40 while supplies last.


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