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1.1 Million People Need Re-Usable Grocery Totes!

This month marks the official ban on plastic bags in many parts of Los Angeles County. County supervisors along with local environmental organizations successfully voted out plastic bags for more earth-friendly bags like non-woven grocery totes. On June 28, 2011 the Los Angeles Times reported that 67 large super markets will stop providing plastic bags this month, with nearly 1,000 smaller stores to follow.


Not everyone was in consensus about the ban. A few county supervisors expressed concern that some folks wouldn’t have access to purchasing new grocery totes. As we know, necessity is the mother of invention, so now is the perfect time to participate in our huge grocery tote sale and include your company’s logo.



Large Grocery Totes
Large Grocery Totes

Your customers and clients will be relieved to collect your totes and use them at the market. Not only will your clients have a fond association of you, but think of the endless free publicity your logo and brand will get while they carry them in and out of the market.




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