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Here’s the scoop: Recently a study in the Journal for Personal and Ubiquitous Computing found that on average people check their cell phones 34 times a day! At work most people have their cell phones on their desks. So,.. who wouldn’t love to prop their phone up on a classy black leatherette cell phone holder! No more scratched screens.

Mobile Phone Holder
Mobile Phone Holder

This fabulous little item makes a great gift for promoting your brand, business, company, or message. Not only are these Mobile Phone Holders completely functional for day to day use, but by imprinting your logo on the front, your company becomes incorporated into your clients’ daily lives.

Our Mobile Phone Holders are so simple to mail out to your clients – they easily collapse to fit into a #10 envelope, and one stamp does the trick! With prices as low at $2.75 each, why would you pass up on the opportunity to have your brand or logo seen at least 34 times a day! 

Feel free to read more about CNN’s analysis of the recent journal study at


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