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Nothin’ Says Winter Like a Thermos!

Forget standing in long lines on Black Friday! Santa’s Workshop is opening early just for you. Take advantage of this one of a kind fully insulated thermos and cup set with sleek removable sleeves and convenient black zip case.


Insulated Thermos and Cup Set
Insulated Thermos and Cup Set


Customers will equate your company with comfort, security, warmth, reliability and cheer when you emboss your company name on this classy thermos set.

Insulated thermoses go ever with you. What better way to get organic marketing and exposure than from your customers carrying their cups and thermos with them sipping wonderfully soothing beverages?! Couldn’t you imagine the easy referrals that your company would get while someone relaxes on the grass waiting for Jazz in the Park to start while sipping hot chocolate? A delicious decision indeed for this time of year for a company looking to distinguish themselves, set themselves apart, and get noticed in just the right way, from the right people, at the right time.


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