LOGO Expressions


Smencils are an excellent product for all children of all ages! The different varieties of each of your students favorite smells will allow them to be happy and focused in class. Not only do these Smencils bring joy to your child, but they are also environmentally friendly! A bucket full of original, colored, and smart Smencils are available to anybody! These Smencils are made of recycled newspaper, and smell fantastic! All of the Smencils come in biodegradable freshness tubes. Each Smencil comes with it’s own unique smell, such as: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Watermelon, etc. Smencils are also a great way to advertise for your company! Your logo is placed directly onto the recycled newspaper barrel of the Smencil. Your logo is also on a printed sticker of the biodegradable freshness tube. Overall, these Smencils are completely worthwhile for your small company to get a jump start on business. Not only will business be better, but you would be responsible for the joy of countless children everywhere.

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