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Turn up the Volume!

There is something about music that just makes your day better, no matter what. Whether it is the beat, the lyrics, or simply the musical sensation, music is always a must have. Listening to your music quietly has its place, but sometimes you just want to turn it up, share the beat and just rock out! Speakers and volume enhancing apps are useful to turn the volume up, but regular speakers can be hard to carry around and safely transport. So how do we have our music and listen to it as loud as we want to? The answer is the T-361 iPhone megaphone speaker! The T-361 iPhone megaphone speaker uses the old-fashioned megaphone technologies so it is easily transportable, and extremely durable. This silicone speaker amplifies your music without any batteries, and works well in hands free mode. The Iphone megaphone speaker holds your Iphone horizontally, vertically and also has an opening reserved for a charger. The megaphone speaker comes in six beautiful colors such as Blue, Red , Green, Black, White, Orange! This nifty little speaker is compatible with the iPhone 3,4, & 5 models and is custom imprinted with your logo to not only share your music but to also advertise your business too. Spread the word about your business and turn the volume up with these popular and fun T-361 iPhone megaphone speakers!

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