Go Green!

There is something simply beautiful about fresh flowers and plants; something that can brighten up nearly any dark day. Besides it just be useful to have plants like herbs and vegetables on hand; they also seem to taste better, more fresh perhaps. Although the earth can do amazing things, it does not hurt for us to help it continue to produce such miracles. One way to do so is to think outside the pot; think Garden Gems to be exact! Garden Gems paper planter is a 100% biodegradable pot made of 10% recycled paper, and is the perfect home for your new seedling. There is a wide variety of seeds to choose from, such as flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Once your sweet seeding has grown to 2-3” you can either transplant it to a larger container or plant the whole planter into the ground where it will safely biodegrade back into the soil!
Don’t just personally go green, go green with your business as well! Have your logo printed on one to two of the 1 ¼” wide x 1 ¾ high panels to not only show support for the environment but your business as well! Also, on the panels your logo is not proudly portrayed, a fun and colorful botanical image can be printed. Be environmentally friendly and advertise your business too on this fun, Eco friendly planter!

Deck the Halls

As we cheerfully wave good-bye to November, with a solid nod at Thanksgiving of course, it is finally time to set our gazes firmly on Christmas. That’s right, Christmas is coming soon, and holiday preparations are  already underway. With everyone gathering around the Christmas tree this season, it is the perfect opportunity to to not only spread some holiday cheer but also to spread the word about your business.  This Christmas gift your loyal customers,associates, and co workers with a cheery and fun Christmas tree ornament! These vibrant ornaments will add holiday cheer to any tree, while proudly displaying your logo. These ornaments come in many fun shapes and colors such as a snowflake, gingerbread man and even a dove! There is an ornament for everyone, and each ordainment is elegantly imprinted with your logo. This Christmas season gift your valued customers and associates with a cheery holiday ordainment to not only spread Christmas spirit but also your business!

Greetings ,Holidays!

With October over and gone, November racing by, and December quickly closing in; your preparations for the various upcoming holidays are probably underway.
Although there are many tasks to complete around the holidays, one extremely important one is to send out your holiday greeting cards. Although a greeting card may
seem like a small thing, it can be very important to you and your business. What better way to thank loyal customers, associates, and suppliers alike than with a colorful and
positive greeting card? There is a greeting card for every person, situation, and holiday! Choose a fun Christmas card for your much valued associates or an elegant and cheerful season’s greetings card for your clients! There many varieties of cards available as well; everything from Merry Christmas to have a great new year! Whichever card you choose to end this holiday season, be assured that each card is quality print and in full color. Let your clients and associates know how much you appreciate them this holiday season with a fun holiday greeting card!