Work it Out!

WorkoutBandsAn apple a day may keep the doctor away, but when it comes to the health of yourself and your loyal customers, one can never be too careful. Exercise is a valuable part of any healthy life style, but sometimes it may be hard to find time in your busy schedule. Never fear, Workout Bands are here! Workout Bands are the new and fun way to not only to show off your muscles, but your business’s message as well! This clever and portable band allows you to fit toning, strengthening, and stretching into your daily routine. The Workout Band has your logo inscribed on it, proudly promoting not only a healthy life style, but your business as well! This handy exercise tool comes in eight fun colors and is the perfect product to  “flex your message”! Not only will people use it time and time again, they will also see your message each time they workout. The Workout Band is a great product for gyms, health clubs, and more! Don’t just tone your muscles, tone up your business as well with Workout Bands!

The Latest and Greatest

The age of technological advancement is before us. Almost everybody has a cell phone, a musicdoom doom doom player, a lap top or iPad, or all the above. As such devices increase in popularity and creativity, as do the accessories that go along with them. There are the standard cell phone and iPod covers, but lately some truly fun and creative accessories have come forward. One such accessories is the Flxedpad, a stylus and screen cleaner in one! The Flxedpad has a capacitive stylus for touch screen device, with a microfiber screen cleaning bar inside the durable case. This nifty accessory is available in five fun colors and has your logo imprinted on the cover! The Flxedpad is perfect for product promotion, as it is a must have accessory for any touch screen phone or music player!
Another must have item puts a new twist your classic cell phone holder. How you ask? It’s a phone holder! It’s a picture frame! No! It’s both, together! This phone stand (pictured) is made of a leatherette material and has a picture frame attached! Not only does the phone stand cradle your precious device while displaying our beautiful pictures, it also comes imprinted with your logo! This makes the combination phone stand and picture frame an excellent promotional product and desk accessory! The wonders of technology and human innovation never stop growing, and neither does your business! Ride the wave of technology with these fun and creative phone accessories!

Back on Track For the New Year

Now that the holiday season is over,it is time to get ready for the new year. It is time to make Portion Control Plate Prevents Overeatingresolutions and start yourself on the track you want to follow in 2013. This year, when you decide to start a new diet or to simply reinforce your healthy eating habits after the holidays, think portion control. Portion control is a simple yet key aspect to dieting and healthy living that is often overlooked. Although it may seem difficult to measure correct portion sizes and determine how much to eat, there are ways to make your dieting life easier. Eliminate guessing if your portion is the right size with Karlen’s portion control plate. Each plate has a section reserved for vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein. Each section is equals one cup, with a line on the inside to equal half a cup.  Simply place the portion control plate over your regular plate, and fill each section with the correct amount for your diet, then remove for perfectly sized portions! Don’t just be healthy in your personal life; the portion control plate is perfect for your business as well!   Use it for health clubs, fitness centers, diet product lines and more; also this handy diet tool comes custom imprinted with your logo! Keep your diet on track this year with the portion control plate, and enjoy many more healthy years to come!

Making a Mark on Fashion

Pilot-Pen-Skirt-01Some may think that writing is a lost art; since emails, text messages, blogs,  and typing programs have swelled in popularity. As more and more people type and not write, many assume that hand writing has left its last mark. Pilot Pen however,  made a colorful statement during New York Fashion Week this past September; boldly stating that writing is something that never goes out of fashion. Pilot pen set up an “Inspiration Station” at the gifting lounge in the Empire Hotel, featuring  some very interesting and unique items. One of the most eye-catching exhibits Pilot showed was a maxi skirt crafted entirely out of 500 of the company’s erasable FriXion gel pens. The point of the exhibit,  Pilot Pen stated, was to interact with the public and to get their creativity flowing. This colorful statement of ideals and fashion certainly showed a lot of such creativity, and was noted to be a big hit at the gifting lounge.The skirt was modeled on a mannequin near a station where people could write their own dreams and aspirations. A pen is not just a pen, the exhibit seemed to prove, a pen connects you more firmly to your dreams, where anything is possible. The skirt not only made a bold statement about preserving the art of writing, but it was also a statement of human ingenuity and innovation. Like hand writing, innovation is something that never goes out of style as well, and in fact keeps growing.