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Making a Mark on Fashion

Pilot-Pen-Skirt-01Some may think that writing is a lost art; since emails, text messages, blogs,  and typing programs have swelled in popularity. As more and more people type and not write, many assume that hand writing has left its last mark. Pilot Pen however,  made a colorful statement during New York Fashion Week this past September; boldly stating that writing is something that never goes out of fashion. Pilot pen set up an “Inspiration Station” at the gifting lounge in the Empire Hotel, featuring  some very interesting and unique items. One of the most eye-catching exhibits Pilot showed was a maxi skirt crafted entirely out of 500 of the company’s erasable FriXion gel pens. The point of the exhibit,  Pilot Pen stated, was to interact with the public and to get their creativity flowing. This colorful statement of ideals and fashion certainly showed a lot of such creativity, and was noted to be a big hit at the gifting lounge.The skirt was modeled on a mannequin near a station where people could write their own dreams and aspirations. A pen is not just a pen, the exhibit seemed to prove, a pen connects you more firmly to your dreams, where anything is possible. The skirt not only made a bold statement about preserving the art of writing, but it was also a statement of human ingenuity and innovation. Like hand writing, innovation is something that never goes out of style as well, and in fact keeps growing.

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