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Back on Track For the New Year

Now that the holiday season is over,it is time to get ready for the new year. It is time to make Portion Control Plate Prevents Overeatingresolutions and start yourself on the track you want to follow in 2013. This year, when you decide to start a new diet or to simply reinforce your healthy eating habits after the holidays, think portion control. Portion control is a simple yet key aspect to dieting and healthy living that is often overlooked. Although it may seem difficult to measure correct portion sizes and determine how much to eat, there are ways to make your dieting life easier. Eliminate guessing if your portion is the right size with Karlen’s portion control plate. Each plate has a section reserved for vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein. Each section is equals one cup, with a line on the inside to equal half a cup. ¬†Simply place the portion control plate over your regular plate, and fill each section with the correct amount for your diet, then remove for perfectly sized portions! Don’t just be healthy in your personal life; the portion control plate is perfect for your business as well! ¬† Use it for health clubs, fitness centers, diet product lines and more; also this handy diet tool comes custom imprinted with your logo! Keep your diet on track this year with the portion control plate, and enjoy many more healthy years to come!

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