Play Time!

pufferpenguin“Toyland, toyland/ Little girl and boy land/ While you dwell within it/ You are ever happy there”. Like an old and familiar song, there is nothing more comforting than a toy. Think about it, we loved toys while we were younger; but even as we grow older they still bring us joy. Now toys can bring joy to your business as well as your heart with these new and fun promotional toys! One fun toy is irresistibly squishy and will make and perfect desk companion and fast friend with all whom it meets! Who are these adorable creatures, you ask? They are puffer pets! Puffer pets are soft and sweet-scented characters that come as penguins, puppies, bears, dinosaurs, funny monsters, and friendly frogs! Each pet is available in a rainbow of colors, including neon! With a large imprint space on the adorable pet’s belly, these critters are not just a great furry friend, but the perfect promotional product as well! Another great promotional toy is a flying critter! The flying critter has elastic like feet and hands which allow you to shoot them across the room like a rubber band! They come in many adorable shapes including monkey and sock monkey! This cute critter will entertain both children and adults for hours making time simply fly by! These fun flinging friends also come imprinted with your logo so all will see your message as this great toy comes flying by! These fun, promotional toys are perfect for business that work with children or parents. These great toys will not only spread the spirit of fun, but your business message as well!

Jump Start Your Health!

jumpsomeropeWith the new health craze that has begun more and more people are striving to get in shape and eat healthier so they can feel better overall. One fun and invigorating activity you can do be healthy is quite simple: jumping rope. Jumping rope may be a blast from the past, but it is a fun and easy way to  burn calories and to stay in shape! With the calorie counter jump rope, keeping track of your exercise is even easier! This high-tech jump rope counts the number of jumps, the calories burned, and the distance you would have moved in kilometers! The calorie counter jump rope also has your business logo printed on the handle to not only promote a healthy life style, but your business as well! This new take on the classic jump rope is 10 feet long, comes in four great colors, and has an adjustable stride option to fit every persons unique stride. With its easy to read screen and replaceable batteries, the calorie counter jump rope will make the perfect promotional product, and will be used again and again by your clients and customers.  So spread your business’ message along with the passion and fun of exercise with the digital jump rope!

Something special for your furry friend!

pettoyYour pet is your best friend; whether it is a dog, a cat, or even a fish.Our furry (or not so furry) friends always cheer us up when we have a bad day, and are always there for us when need them. Our pets make us so happy, let’s make them happy too with a toy or accessory they are sure to love!  One thing that will definitely make man’s best friend wag his tail in excitement is the Pridebides custom dog toy! This vet approved plush toy is almost entirely designed by you from the size and shape to the design! You know your pet best; so choose the shape and design that you think fits your lovable pup! Possible shapes include a paw print, a dog, and a house. No matter what design you choose, it is machine washable and even floats! Also, this unique toy comes imprinted with your logo to not only promote your love for animals, but also your business. Another great way to promote your business’s message is a comfortable and soft pet T-shirt! These V-neck T-shirts are made of a machine washable, softer than cotton material which will provide a stylish and warm layer of clothing for your pet! The shirts also come printed with your full-colored logo or design on the front! Let the pets do the talking and display your message for years to come with these fun and unique toys and accessories!

Extraordinary Promotions!

redsolomugIt is said that the people and things we surround ourselves with say something about who we are. Take, for example, the time-honored saying “You are what you eat”. If our food speaks volumes about us, what about our drink ware? Say good bye to ordinary mugs and cups, and say hello to the extraordinary cup that fits you!

Remember, it is not a party without the coffee! This fun mug has all the good looks of the classic red solo cup we all know and love, but is ceramic and perfect for any hot beverage! This fun cup will be the life of the party at sporting events, celebrations, or just about any where! This mug comes in four bright colors and is insulated with double walled ceramics to keep your drink hot.
The red solo mug also has your logo proudly displayed on the front, to not only spread the party spirit, but your baseness as well!
Be the type of person who brightens up the room they walk in, with their glassware, that is! Let your personality shine with light-up novelty stem ware and shot glasses! These bright glasses have one to three colored LED lights, 9 color options, and two different light actions! These lively glasses come in many unique styles and comes imprinted with your logo! Light up glassware is not only creative but also perfect for promoting your business. Don’t just advertise your business- light up the night!
Another creative cup idea is the ideal drink ware for traveling or other instances where space is limited: the expandable cup! This cup does just that, it expands for use and shrinks for easy carrying and storage. The expandable cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe and has your logo printed across the Handel! This handy cup can fit just about any where, and bring your message with it. These fun cups are as extraordinary as you are and are the perfect fit for any occasion!