In the Office Kid Friendly LOGO Expressions

Play Time!

pufferpenguin“Toyland, toyland/ Little girl and boy land/ While you dwell within it/ You are ever happy there”. Like an old and familiar song, there is nothing more comforting than a toy. Think about it, we loved toys while we were younger; but even as we grow older they still bring us joy. Now toys can bring joy to your business as well as your heart with these new and fun promotional toys! One fun toy is irresistibly squishy and will make and perfect desk companion and fast friend with all whom it meets! Who are these adorable creatures, you ask? They are puffer pets! Puffer pets are soft and sweet-scented characters that come as penguins, puppies, bears, dinosaurs, funny monsters, and friendly frogs! Each pet is available in a rainbow of colors, including neon! With a large imprint space on the adorable pet’s belly, these critters are not just a great furry friend, but the perfect promotional product as well! Another great promotional toy is a flying critter! The flying critter has elastic like feet and hands which allow you to shoot them across the room like a rubber band! They come in many adorable shapes including monkey and sock monkey! This cute critter will entertain both children and adults for hours making time simply fly by! These fun flinging friends also come imprinted with your logo so all will see your message as this great toy comes flying by! These fun, promotional toys are perfect for business that work with children or parents. These great toys will not only spread the spirit of fun, but your business message as well!

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