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Rain, rain, don’t go away!

We have all heard the old saying now and again that goes “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers”. This saying does ring true and although we do have the blooming beauty of May to look forward to, April can be cloudy, gloomy, and not surprisingly, rainy. But don’t let a little water dampen your promotional spirit; if life gives you rain, make promotional umbrellas! Rainy weather gives you the perfect opportunity to strut your business’s message with some fun, promotional umbrellas! One innovative umbrella that is perfect for a pair is the double-brella (pictured)! The double-brella is two umbrellas joined together to span over two people, making walking in the rain with a friend a snap. With the double-brella you can be assured you are getting the ultimate two in one deal! Another fun umbrella is the nimbus umbrella. Although the day may look dark and cloudy on the outside, as long as you have this umbrella your day will always be bright. The nimbus umbrella has a navy blue canvas on the outside, but printed on the inside is a bright and sunny sky complete with fun, fluffy clouds. This is one umbrella you diffidently can’t judge by its cover! Both of these fun, innovative umbrellas come imprinted with your logo to not just fend off the rainy day blues, but to spread you message too!

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