Don’t Forget Your Summer Tools!

My favorite thing about summer is definitely the food, and more importantly, cooking it. I love the Bar-B-Que and can always be found behind one at any event I am at with friends and family. It’s great enjoying the sun, smelling the food cook and seeing everyone being happy and full. The one thing that can ruin it though; when there is not the proper cooking tools. I have all my grilling buddies right by my beast of a BBQ but that doesn’t help me when I’m not at home, or camping. I have the solution for that problem, should it arise, my Grill Master Set in its sleek carrying case. I honestly leave it in my truck for the most part, and whenever there is somebody grilling without a pair of tongs or a GOOD spatula, I am there with my tool set. Bacon and steak are nothing to be messed around with, and I want to be able to cook them with ease and not fight the grill so I can spend the most time with my loved ones. With this set, those problems disappear, plus it has a knife, a fork, corn cob holders, kabob skewers and the case is sturdy and stylish with its custom logo from our company right on the front. What else is needed besides fire and food! I love when I bust it out and save the day, and the meat!

Get ready for summer!

Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means…hot days, warm nights, and new summer promotional products! There are a lot of great new products available this summer, but one fun and creative summer product is the Fiji thong! The Fiji thongs are sandals featuring a natural banig leaf insole, perfect for those who do not like the usual rubber insoles. These fun yet functional beach sandals also include the very unique feature of a “logo foot print”. Your logo or message is imprinted on the bottom of the sandal so that it leaves your logo in the sand as you walk! These fun sandals are a unique and innovative way to promote your business to people of all ages. This summer, do not just leave your foot prints in the sand, but your logo as well! Promote as you go with Fiji thongs!

Water, Water Everywhere… But Infusions What I Drink

With Summer time approaching fast and the heat with it, water seems to be what people drink on those long, hot days. It does look like people are starting to dress their water up a little bit, everywhere I go there is cucumber water or some kind of fruit infused water like lime, lemon, or mint instead of just plain water. The up side?  They taste great, give us vitamins and we are getting water too. The down side? You have to get it somewhere (inconvenient) or you can make it at home, which means making a giant pitcher of it, and then being stuck with a lot of that flavor. If only there was a water bottle that let you choose to put whatever flavor combination you wanted in it, and just have a serving of it and be done. Well it is here, the new infuser water bottles gives you all the options in the world. Plus, the added feature of being able to add your companies logo or personal message to make the bottle and the water truly yours. With a large infuser perfect for loading up with whatever your tongue’s palette can throw at it. Whether it is a vanilla-mint morning kickstart, or a strawberry-kiwi wind down after a long workout. A berry bombardment or a simple light lemon flavor. The flavor combinations are as endless as your imagination, and just as delicious. Now there is no more need for saying, “Water is so plain and flavorless…”, instead let us start saying things like, “What flavor water do I want today?” and  “My water is as individual as I am.”

A classic Promotion!

With so many new products and technologies emerging, it is hard keep up with the quickly changing “latest and greatest”. But when it comes to promotions and gifts of appreciation,  there is one thing that never goes out of style: candy! No matter what the latest trends are, a sweet tooth and the simple joy that comes with eating something delicious will always prevail! One great sweet treat is the twisting mint tin! The twisting mint tin is filled to the brim with sweet mints that you can access with a simple twist.This handy container also comes imprinted with your logo to spread your business message far and wide. This next sweet treat combines to old favorites: chocolate and sugar cookies! The chocolate sugar cookie is dipped in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and is stamped with your logo. With the double chocolate sugar cookie, advertising has never been more delicious. Last, but certainly not least is the  custom chocolate bar and wrapper.This tasty chocolate bar is exactly what its name suggests; completely custom. Choose your own logo or design for a full color wrapper, as well as an engraving for the chocolate bar itself. All of these great treats are perfect for promotion as well as gifts of appreciation, and will spread your message along with their sweet taste wherever they go!

Going green!

With all the recent advances in technologies that have been premiering lately, it makes sense that we have also made advances in the way those products are made. With eco-friendly products becoming more and more popular as well as more numerous, now is the time to take your promotions and go green! One great and creative “green” product is the recycled cardboard note book! This notebook’s cover is made out of one hundred percent recycled cardboard, complete with a cardboard pen port. This fun notebook also contains one hundred blank sheets of recycled paper, and is the perfect promotional product for people of all ages. Our next product is a pen, but not just any pen. This sea-glass colored pen is made out of recycled water bottles! This is a truly innovative and unique way to not just go green but promote your company as well! One other way to go green is with the V natural jute shopping bag (pictured)! This fun yet functional and reusable bag is made out of natural jute fibers. All of these great, environmentally friendly products come imprinted with your logo to not just spread the word about going green, but your business message as well!