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Going green!

With all the recent advances in technologies that have been premiering lately, it makes sense that we have also made advances in the way those products are made. With eco-friendly products becoming more and more popular as well as more numerous, now is the time to take your promotions and go green! One great and creative “green” product is the recycled cardboard note book! This notebook’s cover is made out of one hundred percent recycled cardboard, complete with a cardboard pen port. This fun notebook also contains one hundred blank sheets of recycled paper, and is the perfect promotional product for people of all ages. Our next product is a pen, but not just any pen. This sea-glass colored pen is made out of recycled water bottles! This is a truly innovative and unique way to not just go green but promote your company as well! One other way to go green is with the V natural jute shopping bag (pictured)! This fun yet functional and reusable bag is made out of natural jute fibers. All of these great, environmentally friendly products come imprinted with your logo to not just spread the word about going green, but your business message as well!

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