LOGO Expressions

A classic Promotion!

With so many new products and technologies emerging, it is hard keep up with the quickly changing “latest and greatest”. But when it comes to promotions and gifts of appreciation,  there is one thing that never goes out of style: candy! No matter what the latest trends are, a sweet tooth and the simple joy that comes with eating something delicious will always prevail! One great sweet treat is the twisting mint tin! The twisting mint tin is filled to the brim with sweet mints that you can access with a simple twist.This handy container also comes imprinted with your logo to spread your business message far and wide. This next sweet treat combines to old favorites: chocolate and sugar cookies! The chocolate sugar cookie is dipped in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and is stamped with your logo. With the double chocolate sugar cookie, advertising has never been more delicious. Last, but certainly not least is the  custom chocolate bar and wrapper.This tasty chocolate bar is exactly what its name suggests; completely custom. Choose your own logo or design for a full color wrapper, as well as an engraving for the chocolate bar itself. All of these great treats are perfect for promotion as well as gifts of appreciation, and will spread your message along with their sweet taste wherever they go!

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