Have A “Cooler” Summer

Those hot summer days can sometimes be unbearable, but something no one should have to endure is lugging a huge, burdensome cooler back and forth from different destinations. Think of all the times you strained yourself to carry this huge cooler to the beach, a family gathering, or even a hefty tradeshow/convention. Imagine how much easier it would be to be able to carry your beverages in one handy, little tote bag. You could spend all your time enjoying summer, fun-filled activities! For businesses, use the bag to your advantage and offer customers a drink, along with a tote bag of their very own. The Cooler Tote RX comes in Royal Blue and Black; however, no bag is complete without your logo printed on the front. Live the life of luxury with no strains on your body, throw it in a tote bag and head over to Summer Town!

Father’s Day is Fast Approaching!

Father’s day is just around the corner and what better way to make all those fathers out there feel appreciated than with a brand new tool set! Any “Do-it-yourself” dad would love this handy gift! Especially since that time between the holidays is enough to put a serious beating on dad’s set. Tools are one of the most popular gifts for Father’s Day, not another tie that he’ll wear once, or another bottle of after shave, but a tool. They are also a great way to get exposure for any type of company, especially since tools are used over and over again. Tools can even be used and shown off daily for the dads that are constantly working with their hands at home, at work, etc. If your company is thinking of a way to show dad’s that they are appreciated for all of their hard work, promotional tool sets are one of the best gifts to give!

Party in a Bottle??? Pfft! Party WITH Your Bottle!

The night-time events are coming up fast. And with the warmer nights coming up while the sun is going down, there is something that all night shin digs need. That is light; and depending on the event, they can be in any color. It can be just a constant light, or it can be pulsing, changing and moving, to create an ambiance that fits the scene perfectly. Now there is the perfect additional light to add a little something unique to your next event. That is the Strobe LED Bottle, and just like your company or event, it is as individual and as expressive as you would like. You can have just a light that goes with the theme or company colors. Or it can change and dance just like your employees will at the function. These are also great for events outside of business too, for the pleasure seekers and night-time adventurers. Have a night bike ride, hike, walk planned? Going camping or to a bonfire and tired of losing your cup at night? With your bottle showing off you will never lose your bottle at the party. So add some life and light into your nights, your eyes will thank you.