A Bear Hug on a Much Smaller Scale

Sick of that pesty condensation ring your favorite drink left behind? Those small water droplets can turn into a nasty puddle before you know it leaving devastation in its path. If you’re sick of hunting for a coaster, or really would rather avoid it, why not give your beverage a bear hug on a much smaller scale in Numo’s fabulous knitwear… for bottles! Just like your favorite pair of socks, the Zino will fit your drinks every curve! Whether your bottle sports a neck like a giraffe, or the build of a linebacker, we have you covered. Be sure to pick yours up today and don’t forget your company logo! With the Zino knitted bottle cover, not even awesome advertising opportunities are too much of a stretch.

Completely Custom Calendars

Don’t buy anymore calendars that have only one image you like; get one that matches your personality! This 13 Month Custom Calendar lets you choose images of your choice for each month. Add that adorable picture of your pet for May, that picture of your summer bonfire for July or that awkward Christmas family photo for December! All calendars are printed in full color (four color process) on 80# Gloss Text. This calendar also includes a custom imprint along the bottom; perfect to add your logo or any important reminders you might have for that month. Never wonder if you are going to like all the pictures in a calendar ever again! Order your 13 Month Custom Calendar with your images today!

Cool Tech for the Summer!

Are those finger cramps from texting on your smart phone bugging you? Do you want to run a business straight from your smart phone? Look no further; the Bluetooth keyboard can be your best friend and business associate! This sleek looking wireless keyboard is black with a white silicon back. It rolls up easily for traveling purposes and is waterproof! No more danger of ruining your keyboard by accidentally spilling your drink, or with that bowl of soup you told yourself you’d be careful with when you ate it at your computer. Cleaning is easy with just a rinse! Streamline your business and increase productivity for when you’re on the go! A product like this is a great find. And for the ultimate customization, attach your logo. Whether you’re showing off to your friends, or “wowing” coworkers in a business meeting, this Bluetooth keyboard is a must have!