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Cozy Essentials!

Cozy Essentials - ThrowWhat better way to warm up this holiday season than with cozy essentials?! These items are perfect for a night by the fire or party favors for a festive company get-together. The deluxe lambswool throw screams comfort and coziness, easily becoming one of your favorite blankets to lounge in. The best part is that you can customize the blanket with your logo, and that it comes with a special carrying case for simple storage.

Cozy Essentials - LED pillowBut wait, you can’t have a blanket without a pillow! These awesome light-up pillows feature a slow-changing LED mood lighting, perfect for relieving stress and definitely being a conversational piece. Just like lava lamps have that mesmerizing effect, so too do these groovy pillows! I mean…people won’t be able to keep their mind off of them…Literally!

Cozy Essentials - travel pillowHowever, if the LED pillows are too ‘flashy’ for your taste why not invest in travel neck pillows for those long trips during the holiday season? These pillows also convert into an Ipad/tablet stand which makes passing the time away that much more relaxing and comfortable. Are you feeling cozy yet?

Cozy Essentials - Godiva setNow, you can’t forget about a warm drink and something sweet to satisfy those glutinous cravings this Winter. These Godiva hot chocolate and leather-wrapped tumbler sets are the cherry-on-top of the cozy “must-haves” list. Personalize it by incorporating your logo within the leather-bounded tumblers that are available in black and dark brown. Throw in a twist by mixing gift sets between the lovable milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate Godiva pieces. Make these gift sets stocking stuffers, raffle prizes, or just a simple thank-you present to anyone and everyone. You can’t go wrong with coziness folks, so grab your essentials now and give warmly this holiday season!

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