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Pets in the Workplace

Dogs are not just wonderful to have at home but also great to have at the office too! More and more companies nowadays are realizing the benefits of bringing a dog (or dogs!) to the office for the day. It is such a nice start to the morning when you walk in the door of the office and are greeted by cute little tail-wagging-welcome-wagon named Buster:


Animals have been proven to be stress relievers in the office and who can have a bad day when there is a cheerful dog around to pet?

Here at LOGO Expressions we have a revolving door of dogs that come to the office every day because as the owner, I have 4 of them so they all have their allocated day to come in. With the exception of Niki, my “failed” foster dog* from a year ago who gets to come every day.

*”Failed” foster is a foster dog you fall in love with and decide to keep.


Mikey’s day is Tuesday:

Niki and Mikey

Peaches helps answer the phone sometimes:

Peaches hard at work

People spend a fortune on their pets and in 2018 they spent $72.13 billion dollars! The promotional products industry offers a huge assortment of custom imprinted pet related products and every year they come out with more because of the demand for new and different ideas.

LOGO Expressions offers a huge variety of custom imprinted pet products and we continue to add more ideas to our line.

Check out our selection of Pet Products

It’s fun to have one or all of the 4 dogs that come to work every day check out the various pet products we offer and we can get a good idea of what our customers will like too. One of our favorites is the blinking light that attaches to their collar when I take them for a walk in the dark. Mikey models how it works in the link above.
Dogs are fun to have at the office and fun to have them help us with our product research. Life is good when you have a dog by your side!

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