Beach Mats

Summer is upon us and it’s time to spend some quality time out near the ocean or poolside. This perfect folding beach mat is ideal for such the occasion. Made out of Polypropylene material, this beach mat is sand and water resistant. Built into this product is a white inflatable pillow. All this in an easy-to-fold, handy, 9″ X 12″ carrying case for easy transport. Complete with non-woven fabric trim cover and carrying handles with two pockets. Get your company logo printed on this product and it is sure to be a summertime favorite. Order now, as stock is limited.

24oz Stainless Steel K9 Dog Water Bottle

K9 Dog Water Bottles offer quick access to water and also conserve the water you have packed. Simply take your water bottle with you and let your dog lick the tip of the bottle to dispense water without wasting water or pouring leftover water back into the bottle.  These bottles are perfect for any destination and also fit comfortably into cup holders, bicycle cages, packs and also clips onto anything. They are 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottles, toxin-free polypropylene (pp#5) cap, and a paint finish made from environmentally friendly inks. No more searching for water or using plastic disposable water bottles

  • 100% refillable, reusable & recyclable
  • 100% BPA and chemical free
  • Specifically designed for dogs

Choosing The Right Towel

If you stopped to think about it, we all have that favorite towel lying somewhere in our closets. The odds are it is the big fluffy one we use to go to the beach or the swimming pool with.  If that is the case, you are not alone. For some reason, those large colorful towels often become a favorite in our towel collection and one that brings a smile to your face when it comes out for use.

You can get the towels you will use at the beach in all sizes. Its fun to get a set with one that is just for wiping your face after a dip in the surf, a washcloth and of course the big towel for laying on all in the same colorful design. But it is that huge towel that is big enough for you or several people to lay out on that seems to be everyone’s favorite. For one thing, there is nothing like a towel you can wrap yourself up in. When that towel comes out of the dryer at home, one of the best feelings in the world is to wrap completely up in it and let that dryer warmth make you feel cozy and snuggly. No other towel can get close to that feeling.

Why not be a part of that experience. Custom Towels with your promotional logo can be embroidered, screened or imprinted tone on tone. We also carry more than just beach towels. We have a wide variety of custom towels including logo golf towels, custom rally towels, promotional bath and printed gym towels.

Q: How do I measure the quality of a towel?
A: There are many different components to a towel, but the general rule is that a heavier towel is suitable for the bathroom, where it can dry out easily between uses, whereas a lighter weight towel is better suited to the beach, where it gets more frequent use in one period. The yarn is very important and will reflect in the price of the towel.

Q: What is a jacquard towel?
A: A jacquard towel is a towel made from coloured yarns to weave the pattern (Logo) into the towel. A jacquard towel is often made with two colours, but sometimes more colours more can be woven. A jacquard towel usually has the pattern (logo) in reverse on the back of the towel.
(Like a negative) We make two different types of Jacquard towel.
• LUXURY WOVEN PERSONALISED – Small quantities, quick turnaround, limited colours available
• TEXPLUS – Larger quantities, longer lead time, more colours

Q: What is a jacquard border?
A: Some modern jacquard looms can manufacture a flat woven section at either end of the towel. Not all mills have this technology but a jacquard border has the added advantage of additional colours and decoration.

Q: What is velour?
A: Velour is part of the finishing process of a towel. When a towel is made on a towel loom, there are loops on either side of the towel. Part of the finishing process is to shave the top of the loops off one side to create a soft velvety finish on the towel. If you look carefully, you can see! You cannot ‘velour’ both sides of the towel.

Q: What is a printed fiber reactive printed towel?
A: For larger towels quantities reactive dying is appropriate. Reactive dyes are used where many colours are required. Fiber reactive dyes react chemically to combine with and dye the fibers of the towel.. The soft handle is achieved by washing the towel after printing, which removes any excess inks and gives the towel a soft handle.

USB Flash Drives

What ever you choose to call them, USB flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives or memory sticks – these are the hottest promotional products on the market. These items are compact and easy to use. These ‘mini computer memory sticks’ are perfect for multi-media presentations, sharing photos and more. Re-use, over and over again to store your data, pictures, or music. With customized printing and engraving available, these little USB memory drives are the perfect way to show that your company is up to date with the technology and trends.

These promotional USB Flash Drives can be designed with your logo and contact details printed in any color, plus you can have information and company brochures PRE-LOADED onto individual drives. Think about that, a promotional product, a marketing piece and an advertising tool – with the ability to include a video, a powerpoint presentation, pictures, brochures, and even music!

Are You In Hi-Definition?

Never before has a plastic cup been able to promote your corporate image with such detail and clarity. You can dramatically increase the success of your next event with these Hi-Definition, full-color plastic cups. These reusable CLEAR plastic cups are truly a unique promotional item and are our most impressive product. In addition to the Hi-Definition, full-color print available on all of these cups, the clear aspect lets you add incredible visual impact with vibrant translucent colors and dynamic effects created by mixing opaque and transparent areas. You control, through your art, which areas are clear, translucent, and opaque. With all of this visual flexibility, you can easily showcase your brand, creating a powerful first impression. Let our design team customize a visual layout that will capture everyone’s attention. And, since this cup clearly has the look and feel of a durable, reusable cup, you generate additional exposure when the cup is taken home and used over & over again.

Celebrate Earth Day (April 22)!

Celebrate the environment while also promoting global awareness with Earth Day themed promotional products! Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 by the Environmental Teach-In and Senator Gaylord Nelson, a strong environmental activist. Largely supported and organized at the grassroots level, over 20 million Americans came out in response to and in support of the movement in peaceful protests favoring environmental reform. Many acts of legislation were passed in regards to the environment following Earth Day, such as the Clean Air Act, laws protecting water and wild lands, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Having been declared by Congress as a national day to celebrate the earth, the message of Earth Day has lived on since the 1970s and will continue to have a great impact in the wake of necessary improvements in environmental protection laws due to global warming, increasing pollution, etc.

Show your support for environmental protection and spread awareness to clients, employees, and the general public with the Wilson Eco Core golf ball. It is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. The Wilson Eco Core golf ball is made from 100% recycled material. Help the environment one golf ball at a time and with your company’s logo imprinted on each one; it not only reminds people of the importance of taking care of our planet, but that your company is an active supporter in this cause.

  • Recycled Rubber Core
  • Green Friendly, Earth Friendly

Product Color: White

Applique Beach Towel Collection

The summer season just around the corner.  A necessity for water recreation, the appliqué beach towel collection is highly absorbent and hemmed for extra durability. Made from 100% cotton velour with appliqué icons and woven jacquard main body.  These three-dimensional appliqué beach-themed icons make these towels unique. An array of bright colors, detailed appliqué images, and varied finishing textures make these oversized towels perfect for your embroidered logo.

40” x 70”. 19 lbs./doz.

Sandals That Leave a Lasting Impression

These stylish sandals not only feel good and look great, but they are a unique way to promote your company. These sandals would be a great gift for a company picnic to the beach this summer or for any outdoor occasion. The sandal comes with a custom Die-Cut “Talking Sole” that leaves an eye catching impression. Every step taken in these sandals is like a free advertisement for your company, especially at the beach where there are large amounts of people in a confined area. With custom colors and custom soles, these sandals are sure to be a hit this summer and leave a lasting impression.

Thermal Porcelain Cup with Silicone Lid

  • Reusable, thermal coffee tumbler
  • Replaces paper and styrofoam coffee cups
  • Made of long-lasting porcelain and silicone
  • 100% lead-free and nontoxic
  • Great for hot or cold drinks
  • Holds about 11 oz, equivalent to a “short” or extra-small coffee
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Responsibly made in China

Replace your paper or styrofoam coffee cup habit with a stylish, sustainable tumbler. Designed to look like the real thing, this double-walled porcelain tumbler and silicone lid insulate your drink, while helping you reduce wasteful consumption of throwaway cups. Bring this tumbler to your favorite coffee shop (many offer a discount), or use it to enjoy that coffeehouse experience at work or at home; all while advertising your company’s logo. The leak-proof lid makes it easy to drink on-the-go.