Beach Bag with Large Beach Ball

Beach Bag With Beach BallGet your company ready for summer barbecues, beach trips, picnics, and camping trips! This wonderful package with its vibrant color options is perfect for summer fun. The bag is made of durable polyester and has an easy to open draw string top. And the bag features a mesh bottom so that water and sand can fall out and keep your trunk sand free. The 16” beach ball is made from durable PVC plastic with the classic six color panels, and is perfect for imprints. Complete with a squeeze sport bottle, it is the perfect combination for the summer. Call 877-603-LOGO now for details, ask for the Beach Ball Special Package.

Micro Fiber Golf Wind Shirt

Micro Fiber Golf Wind ShirtIn the early months of the year, un-expected showers surprise many people on the links and greens. Keep your good golf shirts dry and stay warm and stylish at the same time with this long sleeved micro fiber wind shirt. Made from 100% polyester, this V-neck shirt is wind-proof and water/wrinkle resistant. With ribbed cuffs it helps keep warmth in on the course, and is very durable. The V-neck provides ultimate comfort while staying stylish.

Season Weepul for Saint Patrick’s Day

Season WeepulThis fuzzy miniature mascot is ideal for anti-pinching protection this St. Patrick’s day and also makes a great decoration. With an adhesive bottom and a printed ribbon attached, it can be placed anywhere and will stay wherever you put it. With it’s goofy feet and large eyes, it can brighten up your desk, and keep an eye on your good pens when you are out of your office.