LOGO’s Top 10 Holiday Item Countdown! #5-1

5. A Decoration for the Tree
ornamentMany families who decorate Christmas trees have a rich history behind their decorations. Each ornament has a story with it, and families often reminisce with each ornament they hang. Logo Expressions can help you make these pleasant recollections with custom imprinted ornaments, so you can get your decorating spot-on.
4. Warm Hands
glovesThe cold climates of Winter certainly don’t end with the holidays, there’s still plenty of frigid weather to go around. Help somebody to keep their hands nice and toasty with our custom-embroidered fleece gloves. Nobody should have to suffer the agony of frozen fingers!
3. The Classic Confection
3a2f9522-6492-4f50-8411-c93b24b989c4An assortment of images come to mind when one envisions the holiday season, and one of the most prominent of those is the candy cane. It’s just not Christmas without this simple sweet. Our candy canes are excellent quality and come in a custom imprinted wrapper. They’re an excellent and cheap way to get your name around at Christmas time!
2.  A Pop of Flavor

popcornCurl up by the fire this holiday season, put on a movie and relax! Enjoy this delicious popcorn treat with three exceptional flavors: caramel, butter and cheese. These one gallon buckets of popcorn come with two beautiful stock designs to choose from for the barrel and the ability to custom imprint your logo on the lid!

1. The Gift to End All Gifts
towerLooking for something to really leave an impression? A gift for the whole family to share and enjoy? Look no farther than the Gift of Elegance Tower, a testament to undying generosity. This massive six-tiered tower of supreme sweets and marvelous morsels is sure to enrapture those who would receive it. Each tier contains a different, high quality treat for your favored recipient to enjoy, and it all comes bundled up with custom-imprinted ribbon to ensure their gratitude is well-placed.

LOGO’s Top 10 Holiday Item Countdown! #10-6

10. “A jolly, Happy Soul”
snowmankitThe snowy wonderland outside in winter can seem large and alien sometimes. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a pleasure to see a friendly snowman braving the cold! This charming snowman kit gives you the essential accessories to make your own Frosty the Snowman in your front yard to greet passerbys. Comes in an imprintable tote bag for easy storage.
9. A Fuzzy Friend
940ba2fe-29f7-4160-8548-ab5f5864b07bSometimes it’s nice to just have something soft and warm to cheer you up. This plush reindeer fills that role perfectly. Comes with a little scarf which can be imprinted with your logo.
8. That Holiday Aroma
0c6113d1-123c-4c3e-8ff8-75375b98d9d5They say that smells hold the strongest associations in memory, with particular scents bringing back memories more vivid than any other scent. This year, to build sweeter memories of family, burn one of our imprintable scented candles when you spend time together. These apothecary jar styled candles come in a wide variety of scents like pine, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon, so you can pick your favourite scent, whatever it may be!
7. Tidings of Comfort and Joy
f6ed60aa-2259-487b-9143-c335ad26273eOne should never forget to send out the customary greeting card during the holidays; it lets those distant family members know that they are still in your thoughts. Logo Expressions has your greeting card needs covered with a selection of fully imprintable cards with an amazing variety of designs to fit your personal style.
6. A Warm Beverage
1890be5b-da8d-419b-aac8-db6a82ef654dWhen the temperatures drop, then it’s time again to prepare that classic holiday beverage, the favourite of everyone young and old: hot chocolate! Nobody can resist a hot mug of decadent cocoa, swirled with creamy milk and comforting spices. We sell a varied selection of gourmet instant cocoas, all in imprintable bags, ready to delight your tastebuds.

Unique Bin Covers!

At a busy event, they’re always there when we need them, standing by to do their part to keep the event venue clean and tidy. What am I talking about? Trash cans, of course! Before, these gray cylinders would be bland, utilitarian receptacles for garbage. But no more! Come up with a custom design and get it printed a full 360 degrees around! These durable covers come in a variety of sizes and shapes for whatever bin you use, and can be dye sublimated with anything from vectors to images. These great covers are made from Lycra and are washable for easy care! Don’t leave any promotion space wasted at your next event, cover that can!

Show You Care, Be Aware

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Yes, next month in October the world gets together to renew our dedication to continue the fight for the cure. We’re also reminded of the importance of regular mammograms to prevent the disease. With Logo Expressions you can accessorize to bring attention to this important event with a fashionable silver toned charm bracelet. On one side of the heart charm is the signature pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, and on the other side is a space for a custom engraving where you can put your logo, an inspirational word or a message close to your heart. This bracelet also comes with a lobster style closure which makes it easy to adjust for many wrist sizes. Help show your support for our brave fighters this October with this great bracelet!