Promotional-Product Branding to Stay ‘Top-of-Mind’

As a business owner, you want customers and prospects to keep your name Top-of-Mind. This means when they need your products or services, they think of you first. Your business becomes synonymous with that product or service.

 How do YOU stay Top-of-Mind?

The key to building strong brand awareness is to repeatedly expose your brand to your target audience. You want to get your name, logo, and/or message in front of as many people as possible, as often as possible. Branded products prove among the most effective vehicles for that repetition.

 The 2010 Advertising Specialties Impressions Study in which 3,332 respondents were asked if they had received any promotional products in the last 12 months, reported “83 percent of business people said they can identify the advertiser on the promotional item they own.” And, “The average product is kept for 5-1/2 to 7 months.”

So what does thIS tell us? 

It means for a modest investment, a small business can obtain the type of exposure normally reserved for large companies with significant advertising budgets. Not only do promotional products make an impression on everyone who sees them, but also reinforce the brand every time the items get used.

The strategy behind branded promotional products is to find useful items that have a high perceived value and serve as a tangible reminder.  Key Benefits:

Targeted – you give it to the people you want to reach

Engaging – the owner interacts with your tangible product

Appreciated – the recipient will thank you for your gift

Affordable – a modest investment compared to other advertising

Repeat Exposure – constant reminder to owner and others who see it (2nd level impression)

High Perceived Value – greater value than the price tag

Staying Power – average product kept for 5-1/2 to 7 months

When considering various branding strategies, be sure to include promotional products in the mix. You know you’re reaching your target audience, because you give it directly to the people you want to reach—an efficient use of your marketing budget. Your customers and prospects will think of you every time they use it. You will stay top-of-mind.

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For creative solutions to the challenges of promoting a marketing strategy, company initiative, or trade show theme, Sheryl O’Hara-Jones can be reached at  

By Sheryl O’Hara-Jones, LOGO Expressions

Glow in the Dark Halloween Candy Pails

On the eve of Halloween children in fun and spooky costumes fill the night, trick-or-treating for candy and other delicious goodies. Halloween night is a big night for

many, why not make it a big night for your business as well? Light up the night with a custom imprinted Halloween candy pail with your logo and design proudly glowing for all to see! Almost every child goes trick- or- treating on Halloween night, so many people will see your logo boldly imprinted on their candy pails. These candy pails glow in the dark, so not only will your logo be more prominently displayed, but the children carrying the pails will also be more visible. Give these pails out as a fun Halloween gift for a party, children and parents will love them. Everyone will see your logo glow in the night on this 32 oz Halloween candy pail!

Tote Bags For Wine Bottles


Wine bottles are very fragile and sensitive. The best way to ensure that your wine bottles don’t smash into pieces would be by acquiring this wine bottle tote bag. There are two options of bags which hold either 2 or 6 bottles of wine. Each bottle is seperated by dividers to ensure that the bottles do not tip over and smash into one another. The bag is padded to ensure safety for your fragile wine bottles. These bags are tear resistant by strong stitched seams and the bottom gusset, and a foam bottom to protect from fatal falls. This wine tote is water repellent. You dont have to worry about water damage taking away the strength of the bag! These bags come in 5 wonderful colors: Royal Blue, Red, Black, Burgundy, and Tan. Only thing better than buying these bags for yourself is putting your logo on it and advertising your small business. People will use this helpful bag anytime they go to purchase wine or other glass bottled beverages. Even if you are not directly advertising your business, the logo on the bag will. It is a win-win scenario!

Quick Freeze Gel Tumbler

Tired of melted ice changing the taste of your beverage? Look no further! The 16oz Double Wall Quick Freeze Gel Tumbler is the answer to your prayers! Simply put the tumbler into your freezer upside down for a maximum time of 4 hours, and viola!  You no longer have worry about packing your beverage with ice to cool it down, just make sure that you freezer is above 14 degrees farenheit when inserting the tumbler.

The tumbler is also a great way to advertise your logo! It’ s a hot summer day and you are at an event to gain business! Simply sell the tumbler as a souvenir cup with your logo printed and you can gain business! However you decide to use this tumbler as a marketing tool, chances are that it will be successful!

LOGO Expressions Receives Small Business of the Year in VISTA, CA

LOGO Expressions, a promotional products company in the Vista Business Park was honored to be selected by the Vista Chamber of Commerce as the recipient of the Small Business of the Year Award for 2012. The award was presented at The Heroes of Vista First Annual Community Recognition Gala ceremony at thenew Vista Civic Center on Friday, June 15.


The Company was started 13 years ago by Sandra Moffitt (now Sandra Moffitt Adams) out of her home in Shadowridge. The company has grown over the years and now has a 5000 sq. ft. building in the Vista Business Park and 18 employees, including Sandra’s husband who now serves as CEO and brings years of corporate experience.


LOGO Expressions has earned a variety of other awards over the years and the company is very active in the Vista Chamber and other Chambers of Commerce in the area, as well as the Shadowridge Rotary Club and several charitable organizations.


Sandra and her staff appreciate this award and are thrilled to have all of the business and support they have received from the community of Vista and surrounding communities. Sandra remarked “our mission has always been to help our clients express their message with branded products, but it is especially rewarding to be recognized for our contributions with this honor.”


LOGO Expressions ( has been serving our customers since 1999, offering quality imprinted promotional products and apparel that build brand awareness, thank clients, recognize employees, and promote business. LOGO Expressions Inc. is a private company based in the Vista Business Park and has been listed as one of the fastest growing small businesses in San Diego.

Critter Umbrellas!

Do you work with kids? Because if you do these are the best umbrellas for you. These Umbrellas will grab the attention of anyone around you.  If you have a company that wants to imprint these fun umbrellas, they can be imprinted on the opposite side of the animal and this is perfect for advertising your company during the rainy days.

Umbrellas can be boring and ugly, But with the Critter Umbrella you can be the cool kid at school with your Penguin, Bear or Cow Umbrella! These critter umbrellas have 3-dimensional features that make rainy days bright and fun for everyone! Get yours today from LOGO Expressions!

Leatherette Cell Phone Holder

Cell phones are used by everyone especially in the professional world. When you are at work your cell phone can get misplaced easily. With the Black Leatherette Mobile Phone Holder you will be able to place your phone in the upright position and be able to pay attention to it instead of placing it flat somewhere. The Leather Cell phone holder can be used by anyone and can be imprinted on as well. By putting your company logo on the Leather, it will show the user that they got the case from you and that your company is a good company to use for whatever it may be that you do. It ships flat and fits in a No. 10 envelope for easy mailing. Get yours today for one of the best promotional products around.


Smencils are an excellent product for all children of all ages! The different varieties of each of your students favorite smells will allow them to be happy and focused in class. Not only do these Smencils bring joy to your child, but they are also environmentally friendly! A bucket full of original, colored, and smart Smencils are available to anybody! These Smencils are made of recycled newspaper, and smell fantastic! All of the Smencils come in biodegradable freshness tubes. Each Smencil comes with it’s own unique smell, such as: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Watermelon, etc. Smencils are also a great way to advertise for your company! Your logo is placed directly onto the recycled newspaper barrel of the Smencil. Your logo is also on a printed sticker of the biodegradable freshness tube. Overall, these Smencils are completely worthwhile for your small company to get a jump start on business. Not only will business be better, but you would be responsible for the joy of countless children everywhere.

The One and Only Slinky

One of the most famous toys in history originated in a meter for testing horsepower on battle ships. As World War II raged on in 1943, marine engineer Richard James worked at his desk in Philadelphia’s Cramp Shipyard. It was a routine day, but a harmless mishap forever changed the life of James and his wife Betty and sowed the seed that produced the immortal Slinky. A discarded coil of spring wire fell from a

desk…bounced crazily across the room and Dick James bounced with it to fame and fortune.

A slinky is the greatest toy known to man kind. In fact, when a survey was taken in 1990, just under 90% of Americans knew exactly what a slinky was. I know that as a kid i had a slinky and it was one of the most fun toys a young child could have especially in a house that had stairs.

Imprinting a slinky is a great way to go because a slinky can represent longevity and success in the market. It can show your customers that this is also what you represent. Like slinky who is almost 70 years old, you too are going to be a strong company after many years and put a smile on your customers face.

If that doesnt make you want a slinky, here are twelve reasons for using a slinky:

  • 90% of all Americans know Slinky.
  • Slinky has one of the strongest and most recognizable brand names of any product
  • Slinky is one of the few products that is still made in America (Hollidaysburg, PA).
  • Slinky is made from 90% recycled metal.
  • Slinky is recession resistant.
  • Slinky is an American icon with an extremely positive image.
  • Slinky has over 60 years of history, attributes and characteristics that can be adapted to a client campaign 
  • Slinky can be color-keyed to match your clients corporate or product colors.
  • Slinky can be used as a means of packaging other products, i.e. compress t-shirt into a Slinky; fill center with candy; add circular Post-it notes; shrink wrap. You’ve just “stretched” your imagination.
  • Custom Slinky boxes can be provided for your creative program.
  • Real brass and gold Slinkys are available for special awards programs.
  • The first kid to ever play with a Slinky, Tom James, the Slinky Master and son of the inventor, can be available for special programs, i.e. autographed Slinky retro boxes, tell Slinky history, demonstrate Slinky.



Do you feed your ipod through your shirt down to your pocket in your pants? How much easier would it be if your headphones were part of your clothes?  Hoodie Buddie has come up with sweatshirts and jackets that have the headphones build into the article of clothing.

The HoodieBuddie contains a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone-compatible device, like an mp3, iPod or iPhone, or other mobile device. Once plugged into the device of your choice, the audio travels through embedded cables within the HoodieBuddie to the headphones, which are built in to the ends of the drawstrings.

I know that this has made walking around campus and working out at the gym a lot easier. Im not having to constantly fight with the wires from the normal headphones. Contact LOGO Expressions to get your custom HoodieBuddie today!