Marketing Ideas

Cost per Impression of Promotional Products

We have just received data stating that promotional products are an excellent alternative to more expensive advertising. A survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that the average cost per impression of an advertising specialty (Promotional Item) is $0.004. Promotional items like calendars and grocery bags actually have a lower cost per impression at about $0.002. We like grocery bags with a company logo imprinted on the front side of each bag for two reasons. One, many grocery bags are reusable, eliminating the need for plastic bags every time we purchase items at the grocery store. Two, grocery bags have a large imprint area allowing the logo to be viewed by many patrons. We also like calendars because they are inexpensive (many are less than $2.00 each) and your logo is in front of potential customers 12 months out of the year. The average cost of $0.004 per impression make promotional products a worthwhile investment for marketers.

Download the Cost Per Impression Study [pdf]