Boost your Business with Branded Hats

What better way to start the month off welcoming a new and improved hat of ours? We have a new style which is our One Touch cap which is the world’s first seamless crown, providing an even fit all around your head. Great for sports teams and businesses, we offer four caps within this brand to fit your need. Whether you’re out with friends or hanging out at home, these caps are guaranteed to keep you looking good while providing comfort.

Not only are hats ranked in the top 5 products to influence consumers positively, but hats average over 3,000 impressions throughout their lifespan. This means you may get a lot of looks because people are checking out your sleek and must-have hat! So let us know what kind of hat you are looking for and we’ll find the perfect style and fit for you and your company.

Top Products for 2005: Promotional Apparel at #1

As noted in relation to my previous posting here on the popularity of golf apparel, I just read an article on the ASI website, “Apparel on top” by Shane Dale, stating that apparel was the top product in 2005 for promotional products. “For the sixth year in a row, wearables are the number one product category sold by promotional product distributors. In fact, of all the products ordered by clients, 73% of distributors say that shirts were one of the top three items bought last year.”

Down the list according to distributors goes… writing instruments at 44%, desk and office accessories at 28%, and fourth place were glassware/mugs at 21.8%. A couple things mentioned that contributed to apparel’s success were; drop in price of T-Shirt manufacturing, good exposure for advertising, and a good return on investment.

Golf Apparel: New Technology and Increased Popularity…. Part 4 of 4

Golf apparel comes in a variety of styles, materials, and technologies to help you stay cool, comfortable and looking good. Along with the presence on the course, golf clothing is quite popular in the corporate world. Golf shirts are commonly worn as corporate apparel in the business casual environment.

Today, more research is going into designing golf apparel to address the specific needs of golfers. Moisture-wicking and stretch fabrics are a couple of the latest trends that offer a higher level of performance and comfort. Technical fabrics such as the sensor cool fabric by the Ping Collection of Golf Shirts have become very popular. The golf shirt acts like a radiator; as the body temperature increases the pores in the fabric expand permitting the shirt to breathe. As the body temperature decreases, the pores in the fabric contract to store body heat. In addition to these fabrics, Dunbrooke offers a variety of performance golf apparel that provides UV protection. Some golf garments even have small pockets for golf tees and extra golf balls.

The new technologies and styles also make the shirts, jackets and caps well-liked in the corporate world. Therefore, the wearer does not have to be a golfer to enjoy the same benefits. The many designs, materials and technologies offer the same comfort, fit, and level of performance on the golf course as well as the office.