Case Studies

Hand Sanitizer Giveaway Case Studies

Case Histories:

  1. Bank tellers and retail clerks who work with cash on a daily basis, are handling one of the most contaminated elements in our society…paper currency. With hand sanitizers, these employees can sanitize their hands while they work.
  2. School districts in Texas and Rhode Island require students to bring their own hand sanitizers to class with them.
  3. A hospital used HumphreyLine’s hand sanitizers as gifts to their patients. These were also sent to doctors’ offices; enough for the doctors and their staffs. Big hit…Fun!

Why Hand Sanitizer?

  1. Hand Sanitizers are ideal as trade show giveaways. Just think about how many hands we touch in these environments, many of which have been in recent contact with germ sources.
  2. Pocket spray sanitizer is perfect for the traveler’s handbag or shirt pocket, and is available with an assortment of cap colors.

Published Studies:

  1. Recent research studies published in leading medical journals, demonstrate that using alcohol-based hand sanitizers is associated with a reduction of reported illness. One such study, published in PEDIATRICS Magazine, found that use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer showed a reduction in the transmission of respiratory illness in families with children in day care. The research included studies of 208 families in the Boston area, with at least one between 6 months and 5 years old enrolled in day care. Children frequently contract respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses in day care settings, and then may infect their families with the illnesses through hand contact at home.
  2. Recent results of outcome studies show decreases in absenteeism due to illness following the implementation of a hand hygiene program using alcohol-based hand sanitizers. In a study done at Federal Express, a 21% reduction was found. In a study of elementary school students, a drop of 51% was recorded. And among students in university residence halls, research found a 40% reduction in absenteeism due to illness.